Make Your Birthday Special by Having Escape Room Games Themes

If you are planning to celebrate your birthday with close family and friends, you can chuck the boring parties and make your birthday much more interesting by organizing escape room games.

Add Adventure to Boring Birthday Parties

Bring out your fun and creative side by organizing escape room theme parties. If you live in Columbus, then you can contact Captivating Worlds, headquartered in New Albany, OH. They are one of the most sought escape room in Columbus that have plenty of escape room games for all age groups.

All these escape room games make use of special effects, and sounds and offer real-life experiences that are sure to keep you on your toes.

If you have shy friends or elderlies in your group, this would be a great opportunity to break the ice and have all team members participate equally to solve the puzzles. Escape room games not only improve your motor skills, but also helps improve the rapport amongst your loved ones.

If due to your hectic schedule, you were not able to catch up with your loved ones, your birthday would give you the perfect opportunity to make up for all the time lost. You might need to book in advance so that the chosen venue can make the necessary arrangements and keep the room ready on the booked date.

Organizing a Birthday Party on a Budget

This year why not make your birthday party unique, by having DIY escape room games. You do not need to spend a lot. You just need the necessary supplies and space to play the game. Add in some clues and puzzles and you have your escape room game ready. If you have kids at the party, you can create simple games for them to enjoy too.

Other benefits of organizing an escape room game theme party include:

  • You get to discover the core strengths of all your teammates
  • Everyone gets to participate and become a hero in escape room games
  • It boosts your confidence and morale
  • You feel a sense of accomplishment after solving the mysteries and clues
  • It creates wonderful memories to cherish in the future

When organizing an escape room theme party, you might need to consider the number of participants and the duration of the game. Next is the escape room theme. There are various themes to choose from such as sci-fi, horror, crime, and adventure.

If you know what you and your friends love, then you can design the game around these themes. If you are confused about which theme to choose, you can have a vote and choose the most popular one.

Now, the most important part is the clues. It is better to keep your escape room game simple. You can opt for physical games wherein you hide the prize in a box and the teams have to find the box. You can even create mental games where teammates have to decode puzzles or clues to find the main prize.

To make the party exciting, you can even add sensory games wherein teammates need to focus on sounds or certain sequences to figure out the clue.


Birthday parties are all about having fun and creating memories together. Make it a memorable one wherein your guests will talk about it for days to come with escape room games

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