Meaning Behind Popular Mother’s Day Flowers

Meaning Behind Popular Mother’s Day Flowers

Flowers are a rainbow of colours and a picture of perfection. Flowers have been used since Victorian times to convey emotions. And what better occasion than Mother’s Day to put these lovely things to good use? Mothers are our safe haven, and we strive to make them feel cherished every day. Surprising your mother with colourful flowers is a wonderful way to spoil her. So, brace yourself, learn the meanings of  popular flowers for happy mothers day, and choose the one that best expresses your hidden emotions!


Carnations are a flower that represents purity, faith, love, beauty, and compassion. Carnations are by far the most commonly given flower on Mother’s Day, with pink carnations being the most meaningful. They are said to have originated from the Virgin Mary’s tears shed over Jesus’ death, making them a symbol of a mother’s unfailing love.


Yellow daffodils have various meanings, all of which can be used to convey a distinct message to your mother. Daffodils are sometimes used to symbolise respect or gallantry. Daffodils, on the other hand, are more usually associated with rebirth and new beginnings. These flowers might also signify unrequited love. A single daffodil, interestingly enough, implies misfortune, yet a bouquet of daffodils signifies love and happiness.


Roses — If your mother is a traditionalist, roses may be the finest choice. After carnations, the rose is the second most popular Mother’s Day flower. A darker red or deep pink rose is traditionally connected with passionate love, but a lighter red or deep pink rose is associated with gratitude and admiration. Yellow roses are thought to symbolise a compassionate temperament. White roses are thought to represent purity and brightness.


If your mother is light-hearted and easy-going, tulips are a great pick. Tulips evoke feelings of comfort, cosiness, and, above all, joy. “There’s brightness in your smile,” says the yellow tulip.Tulips in pink symbolise tenderness and caring, while white tulips represent paradise and purity.

Bird of paradise

A Bird of Paradise is a one-of-a-kind, exotic flower that any mother will adore! This flower has a one-of-a-kind name because it mimics a bird in flight. The bird of paradise is associated with joy, magnificence, excitement, and astonishment. A bunch of Bird of Paradise will stand out to your mother and show how grateful you are to have her in your life.


Lilies – Lilies are a favourite of many moms, and they come in a variety of hues and kinds. Calla lilies are considered to be emblems of beauty.The Lily of the Valley flower represents modesty and devotion. Pink lilies indicate friendship and prosperity, while white lilies represent virtue and purity. The Chinese emblem for motherhood is the day lily. Gerbera daisies are a flower that represents innocence, purity, and beauty, as well as cheerfulness. Gerbera daisies are an excellent choice for your mother’s bouquet if she exudes joy.


There is nothing more beautiful, elegant, or powerful than orchids. In Chinese culture, orchids represent a large family.

Women in ancient Greece believed that if their expectant child’s father ate huge, young orchid tubers, the child would be a male. The mother would have a girl if she ate little orchid tubers.


Hydrangeas are a popular spring flower that is generally associated with thankfulness, but each colour variety has a different meaning. Give mum a vase filled with pink hydrangeas to demonstrate your affection and sincerity, or violet hydrangeas to indicate your abundance and compassion.


Chrysanthemums come in a variety of colours, each with its own meaning! Chrysanthemums, in general, represent hope, joy, and long life, making them an ideal addition to any bouquet. A red chrysanthemum, like several other red flowers, symbolises love. White chrysanthemums are both lovely and symbolic. This chrysanthemum colour represents truth and faithful love. These flowers are ideal for demonstrating your mother’s loyalty, love, and trustworthiness.

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