Methods to Post GIFs on Instagram in 2022

Succeeding on Instagram largely depends on your ability to share compelling visual content, especially from a business standpoint. You can work on content strategies, but there is no option to post GIFs on Instagram, despite the popularity this format has had on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

GIFs are a great tool when it comes to increasing your account views and interactions, which is why they are often one of the most effective types of content on the platform. You can post GIFs on Instagram, but the platform does not support this format and they are posted as a still image.

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Benefits of posting GIFs on Instagram

Posting GIFs on Instagram has become a social media language of its own. Just a moving image can convey spontaneous, dynamic and funny reactions, ideas and responses. The best thing about posting GIFs on Instagram is that they are a universal language that can give variety to your content strategy, increase your interactions and help you strengthen the bond with your audience; especially if your intention is to connect with other users and become famous on Instagram.

The bad news is that there is no way to post GIFs to Instagram directly. However, there are several alternatives that will allow you to use this format and increase the reach of your account and your publications. Even though Instagram doesn’t support the GIF format, there are a few options. Among these are:

✅ Convert your GIFs to video using Filmora

✅ Download GIFs through the Giphy app to upload them to Instagram.

✅ Resort to other applications.

Below we explain each of these options.

Convert GIFs with Wondershare Filmora

This program allows you to create high-quality videos with its various features and editing tools. To convert your GIFs into video with Filmora you must:

✅ Download and open the application on your computer, then upload the GIF you want to publish.

✅ Add texts, music or any effect you want for your GIF.

✅ When finished, click Create Video and choose MP4 as the format to export it. You can save the video directly to your mobile.

✅ Open Instagram and choose the GIF, now video, that you will post to your account. You can use Instagram’s editing features to make additional changes.

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Post GIFs on Instagram with the Giphy App

The first thing you should do is download the app from the AppStore or the Playstore, depending on the operating system of your mobile. There is also a desktop app, but it doesn’t have the same capabilities as the mobile app.

After downloading it:
✅ Register. You can also log in with your Facebook account, which will make it easy for you to post GIFs on both platforms. You can also register with your email and create a password.
✅ After login you will have access to new and popular GIFs on the home screen of the app. It also has a search bar that you can use to find specific GIFs with keywords.
✅ When you get the perfect GIF, you can share it directly on different platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Messenger and of course Instagram. You can also copy and paste the direct link of the GIF.

✅ To post it on Instagram click on the purple button with the Instagram icon.

✅ This will automatically take you to the Instagram app, where you can choose whether to post the GIF to your stories or your profile feed. After choosing, you just have to continue with the process as you would any other Instagram post.

Other apps

Giphy Cam

This is one of the most popular alternatives among users who regularly post GIFs on their Instagram account. It is an application derived from Giphy and allows you to record and create GIFs from scratch. It is quite simple to use and includes several tools that you can take advantage of to make your GIFs even more attractive.


With Momento you can convert images and videos from your gallery into GIFs. In addition, it includes augmented reality filters, speed and video cut controls to give you complete control over the material you are creating for your account.

gif note

You can enhance the attractiveness of your GIFs using Gifnote’s library of effects. This app also makes music recommendations to accompany your GIF.


It is a basic tool that includes filters and different options to create and record GIFs. It also allows you to post directly to Facebook and Instagram.


With Cooler you can find GIFs of your favorite TV shows. When entering, you only have to enter the title of the program and Cooler will create a feed that includes GIFs of different scenes in order of popularity. After finding the GIF you are looking for, you can customize it as you prefer.


With Posto you can transform any image into a GIF, as well as add different animated effects to make it more attractive. The app also allows you to add stickers and share your creations on different platforms.

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