How to Properly Maintain Your Moffett Forklift?

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Since their arrival, Moffett forklifts have been a real game-changer in the trucking world. The convenience of not having to wait for a crew to come for loading and unloading the products is truly a time-saver for businesses. A Moffett forklift, also known as a piggyback truck forklift, is load-carrying heavy equipment that has forks attached in the front to do the job. Owning one can be extremely advantageous toward the business side of things as long as you know how to maintain it properly. 

In this blog post, we will discuss in detail how you can make sure your Moffett forklift stays in great working condition. With that being said, let’s begin with the tips and tricks.

5 Steps to Effective Moffett Forklift Maintenance

When buying used flatbed trucks in the market, it is important to do your research and go with a retailer known for their reliability and quality of equipment. Buying a used truck can also help you save a lot of money and sometimes even comes with preinstalled mounts, which saves you from the trouble of installing them again. 

Here are a few easy steps you can follow to make sure your truck is well maintained.

Thorough Forklift Inspection

The first step to maintaining your forklift is to inspect it thoroughly to ensure every component and part is working properly. Ideally, it is advised to check your forklift daily for any hazards before using it. 

However, a weekly and monthly check on things like brake fluid, tire pressure, hoses, and the engine oil level can save you from a lot of trouble. Also, you can keep a checklist at hand that can help you remember what to look for when running the inspection, so nothing is missed out.

Keep Your Forklift Clean

In addition to checking and inspecting your forklift, keeping it clean can be of great help. Cleaning helps get rid of any harmful debris buildup that can lead to problems like radiator blocks and pipe leaks if not timely taken care of. 

Cleaning your forklift once a week can help keep it in good condition. By cleaning, you also help reduce wear and tear, thereby improving the equipment’s lifespan.

Deal with Problems Timely

Many people notice a problem with their forklift but let it linger on because it is not affecting them at the moment. However, leaving it unattended can lead to bigger problems that can start affecting their everyday work routine. Not only this, but they are bad for the forklift’s lifespan. 

Dealing with these issues early on and making sure they are corrected timely keeps your forklift working properly. It can be a great step to save money in the long term. 

If you buy your truck from a trustworthy company like Truck Forklifts, who has years of experience and expertise in the field, the problems you run into will be less.

Creating a Maintenance Schedule

There are certain maintenance tasks that you need to perform weekly and monthly to make sure your forklift keeps functioning properly. Sometimes, remembering all these things can become hard, and with your already busy routine, you may miss certain essential elements during your inspection.

Make a proper schedule for maintenance to help you remember all the tasks that need to be performed. Some of the crucial maintenance tasks include checking the axel, ensuring adequate fluid levels, and checking lift function.

Proper Forklift Operation

Examining lift function is a small part of ensuring proper forklift function. One of the best things you can do for your forklift is made sure it is being operated correctly. Incorrect use can wear the forklift down quicker and malfunction after some time of use. It can even lead to hazardous situations, impacting everyday tasks.

A great way to deal with this issue is to make sure your workers who operate the forklift are properly trained. 

So, these are some of the tips and tricks from our side to help you effectively maintain your Moffett forklifts to get the maximum out of your equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How often do forklifts need to be serviced? How do you maintain a forklift depends on findings from routine inspections?

The monthly maintenance should be carried out after 200-250 hours of use. These should be performed regularly because any delay can compromise the effective working of the equipment.

  1. How often should a forklift operator be evaluated?

Every industrial-grade forklift should be properly evaluated once every three years. However, this could be done more frequently if you get a used Moffett forklift. 

  1. How many hours is a lot on a forklift?

Every forklift machine is different, but 10,000 hours is considered high for the equipment on average. If you have an eight-hour work shift, then 10,000 hours means it will last for five years. 

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