Most Attractive Ways to Increase Real Instagram Followers

Instagram Followers

Whenever we talk about popularity the first thing that comes to our mind is social media and Instagram is the most earth centric social media platform where anyone can show their talent and get popularity. The better popularity and fame you get when your profile is reached by many people and you get more opportunities to work better. In this generation most of the people will judge you by your social media popularity. There are too many ways to increase Instagram followers even though there are too many Instagram followers hack websites and apps which can increase your followers. Some of them are real and some of them are fake, so in this article we will discuss how to increase real Instagram followers.

#1 Optimize your account:

It is too important to create and optimize your account perfectly so that your followers have the reason to follow you. In your bio you can talk about yourself like your hobbies, your passion, and your achievements and so on so that people should have an interest in your profile and follow you. You should create a username which is friendly as well as attractive. Also choose a beautiful picture for your profile picture so that followers can attract. You can also add your social media links in the bio.

#2 Create your own posting calendar:

More than 200 million people log in daily so there is no perfect time to post any picture which is reached by many people. But you have to maintain a time to post your pictures and also maintain a schedule. You can suppose that in the midnight or in the evening people are using Instagram the most so that you can post your pictures or videos at that time. You can clearly check the difference by these free Instagram followers trial tricks.

#3 Create reels or give everyday stories:

Reels are the most attractive features of Instagram which is an alternative of TikTok at this time. Reels are getting more viral rather than any post. So it is the best way to reach more people by creating attractive and unique reels. Another attractive way is to give everyday stories. When you give stories with some attractive comments and hashtags, people can know about you and keep following you. It is too important to keep your previous followers.

#4 Always use trending hashtags:

Hashtags are the best way to get more popularity. When you are using so many trending hashtags in your posts people will know about your post at the time of when they are searching those hashtags. For example you used a hashtag like #Diwali in your post so that when a user searches diwali, he can see your post. Try to use the most frequent hashtags and more than 30 hashtags.

#5 attractive captions:

Captions are also taking a big role in getting more reach. As Instagram is one of the most visual social media platforms and a great and attractive long caption can easily boost your followers.


These are the best ways to get more popularity and increase your followers. You can also boost your followers by signing up at Ins Followers app and show your talent.

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