Murder Mystery Solved: DNA helps solve a 40-year-old cold case

For almost three decades now, DNA has been crucial in solving many crime cases, both new and cold cases. Not only has DNA helped apprehend criminals, but it has also helped exonerate those who were wrongfully accused and imprisoned. Today we look at the former where a murderer was brought to justice with the help of DNA, after a grueling 40 years.

Jacqueline Lard was 40 years old in November 1986 when she was last seen alive and her body was found a day later some 30 miles southwest of Washington DC. The initial crime scene was her realty office, which showed signs of struggle.

Then in 1989 18-year-old Amy Baker went missing while driving back to Stafford County after visiting her family and two days later her body was found near the Interstate 95 exit ramp. In both cases, evidence was collected and police did their best to investigate, but both cases went cold.

However, the DNA found on both crime scenes was put on file, and then in 2018, both cases were linked together based on the shared DNA and detectives from both cases started working together to solve these cases by creating a DNA profile and using Genealogy research to find the killer.

Then using this Genetic Genealogy law enforcement apprehended 65-year-old Elroy Harrison and charged him with the first-degree murder of Jacqueline Lard. His bail was denied and he was sent to Rappahannock Regional Jail and soon will most likely be charged with the murder of Amy Baker as well. (Boyette, 2024)

Murder Mystery Solved: DNA helps solve a 40-year-old cold case


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