My Top 4 Food Experiences & Where I Found Them!

Often the bridge that brings people together, exciting & authentic food experiences have always been the avid traveller’s mantra to a happy life. 

There exists an inexplicable synergy between travel and food that we taste en route. Savoured on the streets, in restaurants, and at home, Indian food combines delightful flavours, different cooking styles, and just the right spices. Exploring Indian cuisine is similar to learning a new language. It’s overwhelming, complex, and regally diverse. So, whet your appetite for travel and discover the cultural heart of your destination with a selection of unique and authentic food opportunities.

While you’re at it, here are my top four food experiences and where I found them! 

Royal Dining Experience at Jaipur:

Rajasthan, with all the majestic forts and royal monuments, is beautiful. I was at Jaipur when I was first served a Rajasthani platter at Chokhi Dhani, which truly made for an unforgettable experience! I also liked the street delicacies and my personal favourites are pyaz kachori, chaat, pakodas, shrikhand, and rabri ghevar. While the flavours are distinct and unique, every dish here looks tempting and tastes ubiquitiously delicious! 

Lunch in a Traditional Backwater Houseboat in Kerala:

Imagine going on an exquisite and fully furnished boat to the Kerala backwaters, accompanied by a chef who serves lunch, breakfast, or dinner – basically whatever you want! Amazing, isn’t it? Add the freshness of banana leaf, laden with mouth-watering Kerala delicacies such as banana fries, rice, grilled fish, chapatis, pickles, and onion pakoras. Definitely stands for one of my best experiences so far!

Dining at Lake Pichola, Udaipur: 

On my latest trip to Udaipur, I realised that the city of lakes is much more than just stunning views and beautiful evenings. The food here is extravagant, and when accompanied by beautiful sunsets, the experience is truly unforgettable. Many lakeside restaurants in Udaipur serve my favourite local dishes – gatte ki sabzi, dal bhati churma, laal maans, and more. The laal mans here took me back to a very special dish cooked by my mother – Chicken Sagoti. She still prepares it using the special Malvani masala from Aazol. 

Sea-view Restaurants in Mumbai:

There’s nothing better than gorging on delicious snacks, sipping your favorite drinks, and watching the skyline of Mumbai. ‘Chew with a view’, after all, is a delightful trend! Bharleli vangi, matkichi usal, and masaale bhaat are some Maharashtrian dishes that I absolutely love, both at home and outside. 

As my mother would say, Goda Masala is a unique and complex spice blend that cannot be replaced with any other combination of spices. I usually purchase all my masalas in a masala combo pack from Aazol – the most authentic spice store online and get them delivered to my doorstep.

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