Online coaching-A new trend

In contrast to in-person coaching, online coaching occurs over the internet. It can be done by video, audio, or even a chat platform.

Online coaching is just as effective as in-person coaching. Whether you’re a coach or a client, it can take some trial and error to figure out whether you prefer an in-person, online, or hybrid approach.

Online Coaching- An emerging trend

The trend of online coaching is increasing to a greater extent. IBISWorld predicts that the business coaching sector would grow at a 1.7 percent yearly rate to $11.2 billion in 2022.

Team coaching will expand by 83 percent in 2022, according to executive coaching 2022 – future trends.

Furthermore, online coaching enables you to overcome difficulties and obtain a positive conclusion in more accessible ways.

It is overwhelming that women account for 67 percent of all global coach practitioners, with the biggest percentages in North America, Eastern Europe, and Oceania.

How online coaching works for you

You might wonder if you are not physically present then how can it work for you. Online coaching incorporates different approaches.

  • It is decided what to do today. Milestones are set.
  • Goals are set based on your requirements.
  • Individual problems differ. In online coaching, your problems are considered to find the best solution for yourself.
  • Your internal patterns are being found during online coaching. How your environment shapes your pattern.
  • Your progress is being observed throughout.
  • If your patterns are changed then you will be facilitated.  The coaching plan will be amended then.
  • Through session evaluation, you will be analyzed throughout.

Why you should prefer online coaching

Online coaching has some tremendous benefits when we compare it with face-to-face coaching.

  • Your time and cost will be saved.  Traveling time and cost will be saved.
  • Online coaching increases your focus on the goals.
  • Psychological safety is one parameter of online coaching. A comfortable setting is ensured for your more suitable and safe experience.
  • Online coaching increases flexibility and accessibility. Wherever you are, you can avail the benefits.
  • Communication lines are always open with online coaching. You can communicate with the coach by email, phone calls, messages, or instant messaging.
  • You can set your schedule according to your availability. You can have multiple tasks in your timetable. In online coaching, you can adjust timings in your free time.
  • Through suitable apps, your daily routine of workouts will be tracked. They will track some additional factors e.g., your nutrition intake.

Drawbacks to keep in mind

Like two sides of coin online coaching have some limitations too.

  • Internet instability may cause a problem and your online communication is affected. These issues are not in control and can happen anytime.
  • Sometimes you may encounter some distortions and technical issues may arise. You may not be able to see the screen due to some issues. Laptops can hang sometimes.
  • People ditch their goals in online sessions due to their laziness. You can feel less motivated sometimes and not being physically bound gives you a reason to cheat. But if the instructor’s plan is efficient then they will not allow you to do this.

Should we prefer online coaching

Though there are some disadvantages associated with online coaching, the advantages outweigh them. We have a plethora of options for effective online coaching. We can overcome the technical issues by incorporating various alternatives.

  • It’s an era of technology, you are lacking a lot if you are not utilizing it.
  • The trend is shifting towards smarter work than hard work.

If your goals are achieved by putting in less effort, then why would you choose a long way. These days, time is very precious so people as far as possible. Online coaching doesn’t compromise on the quality of services they offer and saves your time and energy too. it doesn’t include the stress of being physically present somewhere.

Kristin Tullo Fitness-Convenient Online Coaching

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