Otoplasty: Everything You Need To Know About Cosmetic Ear Surgery


You often stand out in the crowd due to your ears sticking out of your head. You have experienced various unpleasant events where you hid them under a cap or behind loose hair strands. Sometimes, you cry out because an individual ridicules your appearance. Others refused to treat you special because they didn’t find your ears attractive. All these events shattered your confidence.

However, cosmetic ear surgery, Otoplasty, will pull you out of the darkroom and place you under the sunshine, blooming with confidence. During otoplasty, the plastic surgeon adjusts your ear’s size, position, and shape.

Let’s learn about it in detail:

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a cosmetic ear surgery performed on the outer ear called auricle. The auricle consists of folds of cartilage that are present beneath the skin. It begins to develop before birth and continues developing in the years after your birth.

The auricle should not be the physical feature that attracts the attention of others. However, a protruding auricle attracts greater attention. If the auricle doesn’t develop properly, you may choose to have ear surgery to rectify your ears’ size, positioning, and shape. In terms of auricle form, the objective of this cosmetic surgery is to restore soft, smooth, and natural auricles.

As a result, surgeons must select surgical methods that are straightforward, dependable, and unlikely to result in problems. Surgeons must take caution while using the anterior scoring method because excessive scoring might result in sharp edges and an unnatural, unsmooth shape of the auricle.

You can opt for otoplasty Dubai services because the surgeons are well-prepared to deliver excellent care. They will address your needs, offering impressive outcomes and boosting your confidence. If the auricle doesn’t develop properly, you may choose to have ear surgery to rectify your ears’ size, positioning, and shape.

Types of Otoplasty

There are several types of otoplasty that you can opt for:

Ear Augmentation

Certain individuals have smaller ears or ears that are not properly developed. In such cases, the surgeons conduct ear augmentation surgery to increase the size of the ear.

Ear Pinning

This type of otoplasty focuses on drawing ears closer to the head. Surgeons perform it on individuals with their ears popping out prominently from their heads.

Ear Reduction

Macrotia is a condition in which the size of the ears is bigger than usual. People who are struggling with macrotia can get an otoplasty to reduce the size of their ears.

What Is Involved In The Procedure?

Otoplasty is an outpatient procedure. It usually takes between 1 to 3 hours, depending on the complications and nature of the procedure. The doctor administers a local anesthesia and a sedative to adults and older children during the surgery. General anesthesia may be utilized in some instances. For younger children having otoplasty, cosmetic surgeons advise general anesthesia.

The specific steps used in the surgical technique are dependent on the type of otoplasty you are receiving. Generally speaking, otoplasty involves the following steps:

  • The doctor makes an incision, either on the back or inside of the folds of your ear.
  • Next, he manipulates the ear tissues. To do so, removal of cartilage or skin, folding and shaping of cartilage with permanent stitches or grafting cartilage to the ear are some common steps that he will perform.
  • Finally, he will close the incisions with stitches.

What Are The Post-Surgery Side Effects?

During the healing phase, the following are common side effects:

  • Redness in the ears that is painful, sensitive, or itchy
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Numbness or tingling

Your dressing will remain in place for approximately a week. You’ll need to wear an elastic headband for another 4 to 6 weeks after it’s removed. This headband is suitable for wearing at night. Your doctor will tell you when you may resume your normal activities.

Moreover, try to keep your dressing clean and dry in the meantime. Additionally, try avoiding the following as you recover:

  • Avoid touching or scratching at your ears.
  • Choose a sleeping position that does not stress your ears.
  • Wear clothing that you don’t have to pull over your head, such as button-up shirts.

Final Thoughts

Otoplasty is an invasive cosmetic surgery that restores the aesthetic appeal of your ears, encouraging you to fall in love with your appearance. It gives you a natural shape while bringing balance and proportion to the ears and face. You can reach out to a reputable plastic surgery clinic in Dubai for consultation and procedure as it is your direct ticket to improved confidence and remarkable results. 

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