Own your Bald: Top benefits of head shaving

Head shaving has been a common practice over the past years due to reasons like practicality, convenience, religion, styling, and culture. Not just men, a large portion of the female population have also begun embracing baldness owing to several reasons. Baldness has emerged to be a common issue in middle-aged people due to varied lifestyle habits and environments. Unlike the past times when people were skeptical about a shaved head, it is now one of the most trending hairstyles. 

For both men and women, a shaven head can make them stand out from the crowd and create a strong impression. Being a classic hairstyle, this can give a fresh and clean look without requiring much effort. With the advancements in modern technology, there are a variety of electric head shavers in the market that offers a seamless shaving experience. All you need is pre-shave oil and an electric head shaver to have an effortless head shave. Being a fine replacement for razors, these electric shavers are made from smooth shave technology that facilitates easy and mess-free shave. 

Popularly known as the buzz look, a shaven head has a variety of benefits in terms of style, convenience, and practicality. In the past, bald-headed people dealt with serious self-doubt and confidence issues but that is not the case anymore. A full bald hairstyle has emerged to be one of the most trending and liberating hairstyles worldwide. Many famous celebrities and influencers have also embraced baldness instead of hiding it. Issues like receding hairline and severe hair loss are common and demand expensive hair treatments and products. However, there is no guarantee as to how effective these treatments are. You can certainly opt for head shaving to uplift your appearance and boost self-confidence. 

Practical advantages of head shaving 

Using a modern electric shaver and good quality pre shaving oil can help in easy maintenance of the bald head. You no longer have to worry about extensive hair loss, hair thinning, and other issues. A shaved head requires minimum care and can make you look more presentable. There are many practical advantages of head shaving in everyday life some of which are discussed as follows: 

  • Get rid of hair loss issues 

Around 66% of men experience hair loss issues by the age of 35 which is huge in numbers. These hair loss issues can be daunting and drain the self-confidence of an individual. Hair loss can be due to a variety of reasons such as genes, medical reasons, lifestyle habits, etc. Not all of these can be fixed by opting for expensive treatments. A head shave can be a one-time solution to all these problems. By going for a complete bald hairstyle, you can get rid of these prolonged hair loss issues permanently. 

  • Money & time saving 

The present generation is extremely conscious about their looks and appearance. They spend hefty sums of money on expensive treatments and products that have no guaranteed outcomes. Going completely bald can save a lot of money and time. You can cross out the pricey hair care products from your shopping list. People dealing with hair loss issues waste ample time hiding these problems and visiting hair treatment clinics. With a shaven head, all you need to do is spare a few minutes in trimming the hairs using an electric shaver. 

  • Sport a new look 

A new hairstyle is never a bad option! A shaven head can give you a refreshing and presentable look that can boost your self-confidence greatly. Frizzy and lower hair density can appear dull and unpleasing. No matter how well you try, you cannot go combat or hide these prominent hair issues. Therefore, shaving off your head can make you feel more confident and young than ever before! 

Other benefits of head shaving 

Apart from the everyday practical advantages of head shaving, there are many other benefits of a shaven head. Some of which are as follows: 

  • Look younger – Going for a complete bald hairstyle can help you get rid of a greying and receding hairline. With age, the quality and density of hair start deteriorating and the best way to hide is to shave it off. 
  • Highlight facial features – A clean head shave can shift people’s attention to prominent facial features rather than a worn and frizzy hairstyle. You can make your best facial feature be the focal point when people look at you. 
  • Ditch anxiety & self-doubt – It is often found that people experiencing major hair loss issues can suffer from depression and anxiety issues. This leads to desperate attempts of regaining hair volume by incurring heavy expenses. A head shave can give you the confidence you always needed.  

Final Note 

Baldness is a serious problem in the present times and a large number of people are struggling to deal with it. Whether the reason is health, genes, religion, or anything else, head shaving can be an ideal choice. You can ditch the expensive hair loss treatments and products along with self-doubt and anxiety. Stop feeling down, embrace your baldness by shaving your head. All you need is an advanced electric head shaver along with pre shave oil. You can maintain it all by yourself thereby dumping expensive trips to hairstylists and salons. 

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