Pacman 30th Anniversary Game

Pacman 30th Anniversary

Pacman 30th anniversary game

In 1980, a Pacman 30th anniversary arcade game was created by Namco, a Japan-based company. The main goal of releasing the game was that it could be played by as many people as possible to gain popularity among the young generation.

It was even more famous later when it was released in North America. Currently. It has become trendy that people are now celebrating the Pacman 30th anniversary game as an event, and now it is widely considered one of gaming’s defining moments.

History of Pacman 30th anniversary

It was released on May 22, 1980, around 32 years ago. Since then, it has become the most iconic video game of all time within no time. It was a simple yet highly attractive game for all because gamers can easily play it on any electronic appliance like

  1. Phone
  2. Tablet
  3. PC
  4. Computer setup, etc. 

Its first setup defined by originators was a cabinet version, which was termed a classic arcade. Moreover, its popularity can be judged by Google, which tributes it by celebrating Pacman 30th anniversary. 

  • 1980 – Within a year, over 100,000 units of this particular arcadian game were sold across the globe. This game’s name was initially suggested as Puck-Man, but American kids may change its P by F. The developers were worried, so they named it Pacman instead of Puck-Man.
  • 1981 – The very first series of this game was released as Pacman entered the scene with almost the same video game mechanics planned initially but with additional features. The only update was an alternate maze design system.
  • 1982 – Pacman game improved graphics and interfaced for users, which was an outstanding achievement upon the original. It soared in popularity for the first time in 1982 in the United States of America (USA). 
  • 1982-1984 – Other forms of entertainment were brought into the game that helped it gain intense popularity. Especially a two-season show was prepared by Cartoon Network (former name: Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.) in 1984, which became the base to celebrate Pacman 30th anniversary. 

Names of the characters of the Pac-man family shown in the very first two seasons primarily included the following: 

  1. Pacman (main character)
  2. Ms. Pepper Pacman (wife of Pacman)
  3. Pac-baby (son of Pacman)
  4. Chomp-chomp (pet dog of Pacman)
  5. Sour puss (pet cat of Pacman)

The Pac-man family has to battle against their enemies, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde, and Sue.

  • 1990 – It was the first TV show based on a video game that started a trend and is continued today with video adaptions rocking big screens. Based on the arcade experience itself, movies like Wreck-It Ralph build upon the success of adaptations.

About Pacman 30th Anniversary

After nearly two decades and millions of quarters, someone is here to give a perfect score and tribute to the Pacman game. None other than Google celebrates Pacman 30th anniversary game by doodling the Google symbol with Pacman’s logo. 

On this day, Google worked on a Google doodle that could be played. Many tutorials are provided for those who want to play arcade games but did not learn to play Pac-Man as a kid. However, the first tutorial was set by

  • Billy Mitchel (from Hollywood, Florida) played a match between the US and Canada during the fourth weekend of July.
  • A Funspot family fun event was organized later for almost six hours to complete the gaming session for those who want to learn.
  • American video players have set up the most optimistic scenario that provides fun different from obsessing over getting the perfect score.
  • Addiction to playing games can be avoided physically and psychologically, just like gambling in these tutorials.

Nature of video games

Addiction can be of any type and any nature. Similarly, video game addiction can take several forms to annoy or amuse players like

  1. Classic video game addiction
  2. Multiplayer game addiction
  3. Online play game addiction etc. 

To avoid excessive playing and its adverse addiction effects, one needs to know Pacman addiction’s warning signs and symptoms. Long-term consequences may be faced in failure to heed possible initial symptoms of gambling addiction. 

How to play the Pacman Game?

Pacman 30th anniversary game’s celebration has started a new topic for those unaware of the game and now want to play it. Nowadays, more and more youngsters are curious about its popularity as Google celebrates its anniversary.

The simplicity to play is the primary reason for making its game much more popular. It is very easy to learn and hard to master tricks. Additionally, this incredible game does not need any special skills to operate. In fact, all you need to play is enough concentration throughout the fame to keep the players engaged as much as possible. However, everyday practice can make a player perfect in this game rather than being addicted. 

However, in this game, a player primarily controls Pacman and plays the game levels with the following objectives: 

  1. Earning points by eating the dots present around the maze
  2. Watching out for monsters and trapping them
  3. Runaway from evil monsters because getting into their hands will make you lose a life, eventually ending the game
  4. Eating the monsters to get more points and coins
  5. Turning the ghosts blue by eating the larger dots called Energizers and many more. 

How does the level end?

The Pacman 30th anniversary game’s picture is taken from the level end of the game by Google as a cover photo. A single level ends once you eat all the dots. However, as you surpass more levels, the difficulty level increases as 

  1. Energizer period decreases
  2. Monster gets faster
  3. Level of strength decreases
  4. Reentering the maze in its original form becomes challenging, and many more. 

How to tackle monster strategies?

The player requires a detailed analysis to catch the monster in its own trap. Since the 1980s, its programming has not changed, so the more time you spend on the game, the more you’ll become familiar with and pick up on the predictable patterns.

The strategy of capturing the monster is summarized as

  • Blinky, which is red, directly chases Pac-Man
  • Inky and Pinky will try to block the path by cornering the Pac-man
  • Clyde then oscillates between chasing Pac-man and running away

Impact of Pacman 30th Anniversary on Google

Nobody should doubt its impact on social media, as the Pacman 30th anniversary game celebration is enough to prove that it is ruling worldwide. Google used layers of artificial neurons to introduce it to the young generation.

It is one of Google’s oldest video game doodles which

  1. Appeared on April 13, 2010, for the very first time
  2. Pacman 30th anniversary was celebrated on its very first appearance via Google  
  3. Google defined its algorithm changes in early April 2010 to present the Pacman 30th anniversary game as a top trend
  4. Very short clips and tutorials can be found on how to play it if you search for doodle Pac-man on Google

Pacman 30th anniversary – an inspiration for other games

From being launched just like an ordinary video game in 1980 to the top-ranked and one of Japan’s most successful video games ever, it is an excellent inspiration for video game and multimedia developers today.

In fact, this particular game inspired more than a generation of gamers to get hooked. Ms. Jang’s work was honored by Google, which created an interactive logo that allows users to play a mini version of Pac-Man—right on their search page.

Pacman 30th anniversary was special to remember because Ms. Jang died in South Korea a few days after its release, so this celebration was a tribute to her services to gamers. 

Interesting Facts About Pacman 30th Anniversary Game

How did the 30th anniversary start to be celebrated? It is a most common question that has been in rumors for a long time. Here are some facts about this 30th celebration of this classic video game.

  1. The Pacman designer had never heard of the word Pacman when he designed it.
  2. The original name of the game (first four letters) had to be changed for legal reasons.
  3. Google celebrates Pacman 30th anniversary in 2017 for the first time rather than its designers and developers.
  4. The man who designed it was Japanese, not an American. His name is often wrong pronounced Toru Iwatani, while it is Toshio Iwatani.
  5. Its name was changed over time as its original name Puck-man was mispronounced by Americans and Japanese (the sound of eating paku-paku was a vulgar Japanese term)
  6. There were over 10 million results when searched on Google about the Pacman 30th anniversary game.
  7. Google created a unique image that changes every time you search for Pac-man on each subsequent anniversary.

Celebrating the Pacman 30th Anniversary

Google celebrated its 30th anniversary with a playable Google Doodle. This doodle was released on May 21, 2010, and is still available and archived to play even over a decade later. Pacman 30th anniversary also invented a new way to play this unique game. The primary changes included the following: 

  1. Instead of a joystick, it allowed gamers to use arrow keys to move Pac-man up and down.
  2. To avoid the monsters and eat the dots, it suggested using the enter button present on the keyboard.
  3. Also, it created the only difference between the two by allowing frequent movement of different characters around a maze of Google layout instead of a traditional game’s layout. 

Now It Is Time to Celebrate Online Pacman 30th Anniversary Game

In honor of the 30th anniversary, Google’s doodle was changed to include a Pacman online game. It was a clear indication that it is the world’s best arcade game. Therefore, it is one of the most popular, demanding, and immediate games.

Children of all generations must have played it at least once in their childhood. The only one who defeated Pacman was Billy Mitchell. He finally won a game after years of hard labor, consistency, and patience by scoring

  • 3,333,360 points
  • Steering 256 levels 
  • No life expiry

As on Pacman 30th anniversary, Mitchell urges players to consume fruits and Pac-dots while only having three life options in 256 levels. There are no cheats in this game, so one can do not have the option to use them to play other games like dinosaur games or anything else.

Addiction to the Pacman game

Recently, Pacman has become the player’s favorite arcade game of the decade. Once you start crossing the game’s subsequent levels, you will be hooked. Also, if you learn how to play, you can become a doodling master. Excitement for the game growth is even more with Pacman 30th anniversary approaching soon. 

Numerous techniques are there to play Pacman, while some online training is also accessible. Since it was made available to the general public by October in the United States, that is why Americans usually celebrate it in October.

Pacman iconic 30th anniversary celebrated on Google

Pacman made his way through a maze by just dodging 

  • Four ghost hunters
  • Chomping dots
  • Deceiving monsters

Google’s home page and logo change to coincide with holidays and other special events, making it famous and well-known worldwide. A decade ago, the world’s most popular video game celebrated Pacman 30th anniversary on Google.

Furthermore, at that moment, Japan produced a new version of this game that helped its players control a pizza-shaped protagonist. The focal point of that version is a maze that spells out Google’s name. Moreover, a few names departed from that Google’s maze included:

  1. Inky
  2. Blinky
  3. Pinky
  4. Clyde 

Google doodles

The exclusive 30th celebration of the famous Pacman game began in 1998 when Google started to substitute its logo with a stylized doodle to honor a particular person, game, or event. It was a feature of the site’s user experience even in its early days.

It gained immense popularity on Pacman 30th anniversary in the 2010s when it became part of public culture. It was the first google doodle that was also a playable video game. 

Google Pacman

The most exciting fact about Pacman’s birthday is that Google is not the only one who celebrated Pacman 30th anniversary; the computing museum in Swindon also celebrated the new maze introduced by Japan. 

Players were able to play Pacman in a venue where Google Pac man is celebrated with retro machines. Some famous searches on Google related to that are

  1. Pacman unblocked
  2. Pacman xon unblocked
  3. Pacman cheat codes
  4. Pacman unblocked games
  5. Pac-man underwater, and many more

Old memories of Pacman 30th anniversary game

All around the world, websites, platforms, and Google celebrated the game’s 30th anniversary. It was a big hit, so one can expect what next year Japan will be forth. Moreover, another critical aspect of this game, of which still many people are unaware, is that Pacman was initially based on the character of Mouth. Although it was not wholly a planned game, it was primarily based on a famous character that was popular long ago, 30 years back. In fact, Google’s doodle programming even had to ensure that even today, several individuals take out some free time from their busy schedules to play such games. The original demo video game version of this fantastic game is now available to many people in their homes. Not only by boys, but it was also the most bought game at that time, even by girls. 

Other Anniversary Celebrations

Pacman 30th anniversary is not only celebrated by Google, but also Frazzled Dad demonstrates how to create custom pancakes for such a kind of celebration. Therefore, he may be seen using utilizing two handmade metal cookie cutters

  • One of Pacman shaped
  • Second of Pacman Ghost 

However, make your pancake batter typically as you make for other baked items. It remains fresh and lives up to twenty to thirty minutes if you make it at home. Just make sure that correct consistency is considered to pouring it. 

Colors celebration – Pacman is remembered for yellow food coloring, and for the pinkie, he uses hot pink. The eyes are shaded with large white chocolate buttons and regular-sized milk chocolate buttons on the whole pancakes.

All these together look a beautiful combination. Namco also released a new addition for the fans, an anniversary gift for Pac-Man.

Specialty for fans on Pacman 30th anniversary

Google celebrated its 30th anniversary and set a trend of celebrating its success each year. That came at a time when the original game was released in April. The game can be played on any of the four appliances

  1. iOS phones
  2. Android phones
  3. Laptop/PC users
  4. PlayStation/Xbox players

Its 40th anniversary is approaching soon, and people eagerly waiting for some new celebrations. Moreover, Amazon has offered a live gaming option to contribute to its success.

  1. It allows players to
  2. Make more than one teams 
  3. Add more players to increase the game’s fun
  4. Increase the intensity of the game

If someone is a die-hard fan of this game, they should be aware of its regular updates. Despite being an old game, it is the best arcade game known worldwide, and it still holds a special place in the gaming industry.

Memorable moments of Pacman

There is a lot of fun for those who have just joined so they can make their moments memorable. It is a family content game and can be played with younger sisters and brothers. It is as simple as it can be played by siblings even if they do not know about this game earlier.

The honor of Pacman 30th anniversary

It is undoubtedly one of the famous games because the amusing tiny robot that continuously peruses the artwork and soundtrack significantly added to the overall experience. Google and owners introduced audio tracks on Pacman 30th anniversary. 

As time passed, it became a beloved arcade classic. Currently, there are numerous variations of the game. However, the objectives and main focus of the game remain the same but with different techniques.

  1. End up the monster’s life 
  2. Gather as many dots to gain a score as you can to be the best
  3. Release stress from life

Pacman’s original version has always allowed us to relive embarrassing moments from simultaneously having ghosts emerge from the wood box. These monsters and ghosts continue to chase you once you start collecting coins.


If you are someone who enjoys painting, drawing, or even doodling on your home’s walls, using a Pacman arcade games cartridge will surely be an incredible blast. You may play this game individually on any device, either online or offline, from the convenience of staying at your home, mainly if you know its various gaming strategies.

Also, if you love to play challenging game levels, you can easily choose o to engage in how to master doodling and apply it in the game course. Additionally, it is now possible for you to conduct a test on your doodling capabilities through various online courses. The internet services currently provide a plethora of ways and techniques to play Pacman and be a significant part of Pacman 30th anniversary, and have great fun simultaneously. Enjoy the game and celebrate its anniversary wholeheartedly.

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