4 Best Performance Management Software Companies Should Use In 2022

Evolving business needs and technological advancements have resulted in the development of a new-age performance management system that aids in overall workforce management. The typical annual performance evaluation is being phased out in favour of continual process management. Setting defined targets and goals, task assignments, frequent check-ins, giving guidance at regular intervals, and analysing the results are some of the most recent advancements in the performance management domain. Managers and leaders can use this to track their employees’ performance and then provide real-time feedback to increase productivity at work.

Employee reviews, recognition, and progress can all be automated with a performance management platform. Centralising data on each worker’s goals and success minimizes guessing and bureaucracy.

You can discover top performers quickly and efficiently, assist underperformers in improving, assess workforce engagement, and establish a satisfied and enthusiastic team. With performance management software, you can accomplish all of this and more.

What is performance management software, and how does it work?

Managers can assign targets and goals to teams using performance management platforms or tools while keeping the organization’s aims in mind. Employee involvement, appraisals, ongoing communication, and evaluation are all improved.

These performance management tools are also useful throughout the performance evaluation process. They aid in the collection of accurate data so that appraisals can be made based on performance. An organisation can establish high-performing employees with the correct attitude and the support of strong performance management technologies.

The system can aid each supervisor and human resources professional by digitising and simplifying the process:

  • Make goals for themselves and their workers.
  • Keep track of your progress toward your goals.
  • Data about performance should be organised and analysed.
  • Involve other stakeholders, such as peers, in the process.
  • Assist each group member in having a productive discussion and teamwork.
  • Choose who you want to honour and reward.
  • Search for relevant gaps and develop training programmes to fill them.
  • Create succession plans and career trajectories.

Top 4 Performance Management Software in 2022

Before choosing software for your business, it’s a good idea to look at the tools available online and how they perform. In 2022, here are some of the best performance management tools that you can choose.


entomo is a performance management system that streamlines the process of providing feedback, conducting reviews, and setting goals. The software also allows the employee to control and manage their objectives. It also makes it easy to keep track of private performance notes and view them at any time.

It is a cloud-based HRMS platform to attract, engage, and nurture their most valuable resource – talent. It’s an end-to-end HR solution that includes 360-degree feedback, configurable rating scales, performance review management, review cycle tracking, real-time performance tracking, goal and competency libraries, and a flexible assessment framework builder, among other features.


Continuous employee engagement with the correct questions improves an organization’s performance, and 15Five is one of the performance management tools that may help with that. The 15Five tool focuses on a holistic and continuous approach to people management strategies. The application promotes employee interaction by tracking the performance of remote employees, which aids in the advancement of the company.


Synergita is a company that specialises in performance management platforms, employee recognition and development, and goal management. It was founded in 2009. Employees can give and receive anonymous ratings and recommendations based on the company’s cultural norms and values through the mobile app. The individual development plan refers to a manager’s ability to publish an employee’s performance management system. Employees can be suggested and recommended training programmes or courses by the manager.


Leapsome, cloud-based performance management and employee development software, is especially suitable for medium and large enterprises. It provides quarterly or annual review cycle robotics, as well as customization at a later point. Employee surveys are possible using the employee engagement module. The administrator can select questions from a question bank that has been validated by professionals. The app enables survey participants to have private interactions with each other.

Wrap up

People who have access to performance management tools can feel confident in their abilities to perform for the firm. Employee effectiveness is evaluated in a classic performance management process at meetings between an individual and their manager at set times during the year.

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