Phat Bars Suspension: Lift Your 4WD With Ease

Phat Bars Suspension

Investing in a 4WD opens a world of opportunity for adventurers who are keen to explore the outback, as well as people who regularly need a car that can handle heavy loads. Owning a 4WD is always an ongoing project, and as any off-road enthusiast will tell you, you’ll always find yourself looking for ways to improve the capacity and performance of your beloved 4×4 vehicle. 

Lifting the suspension is one of the easiest and most common upgrades to make to a 4WD. In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about 4WD suspension lifts. We’ll start by explaining how your 4WD can benefit from a suspension lift before delving into how Phat Bars suspension can help you provide this lift and exploring what you should consider before lifting your 4×4, and looking into the ways you can get the most from your Phat Bars suspension. So, let’s go!

How Your 4WD Could Benefit From Lift 

As a passionate off-roader, we know how you want to get the most out of your 4WD experience. However, maintaining and improving the capacity of a 4×4 vehicle doesn’t come cheap. It is important to weigh up your priorities when choosing which upgrades to invest in. Bearing budgetary concerns in mind, one of the most basic initial improvements most 4WD owners prioritise is adding a suspension lift. A good lift strengthens both the potential and performance of your car, so let’s look at a few of the reasons why. 

Improve Ground Clearance

One of the best things about owning a 4WD is that it allows you to explore the road less travelled. However, uneven terrain in such areas has the potential to destroy the underside of a vehicle. By lifting the vehicle higher, you reduce the amount of damage that rocks and debris can cause. 

Improve Access to the Underside of Your 4WD

At some point in time, a mechanic or you will need to access the underside of your car. This is easier said than done. Lifting the 4WD makes access more straightforward, and problems can be identified more easily. Moreover, if your spare wheel is stored under your 4WD, the easy access means it becomes easier to change a tyre too. 

Improve Towing Capacity

Each 4WD has a different towing capacity. If this isn’t a strong feature of your 4WD, your backend could end up dragging if you try to tow a particularly heavy load. This then naturally leads to wear on the back tyres and diminishing vehicle performance. If you plan to tow a caravan, then a lift suspension is necessary. 

Improve Visibility 

Obviously, the higher the vehicle, the better the visibility. Lifting your 4WD will allow you to see further, which is particularly helpful when you are manoeuvring unpredictable or unfamiliar terrain. 

Allow for the Addition of Bigger Tyres

Most 4WD owners upgrade their vehicle’s tyres at some point, and having higher suspension provides ample space for more powerful wheels that are better equipped to navigate across difficult surfaces, like sand, gravel, and mud. 

What to Consider Before Lifting Your 4WD 

Obviously, there are loads of benefits to lifting your 4WD. However, before you rush into taking the plunge and investing in a suspension system for your vehicle, there are a few factors worth considering. 

When it comes to improving your 4WD, we are spoilt for choice. Whether you opt for bespoke parts or an off-the-shelf item, the options are endless. With, it is essential to check that the improvements you choose to make and the accessories you decide to incorporate into your vehicle are legal in your state or territory. It is, therefore, crucial to do your research and shop smart when investing in a lift kit for your car. 

Everything from wheel track and tyre size to suspension height has the potential to determine the legality of your vehicle, so be sure to do your research before making any improvements to your car. 

The suspension lift limit varies from one state or territory to the next. For instance, in Western Australia, you can only lift the roof of your vehicle 50mm in total, which includes a combination of suspension lift, body lift and the additional height provided by the tyres. You’re limited to a 50mm bigger tyre and 25mm suspension lift without engineering. 

The consequences of driving a vehicle that has been illegally modified can be serious. First, if you are caught, you’ll be made to undertake a complete vehicle inspection within a specific timeframe. If your 4WD fails to meet the regulated standards, it will be deemed unroadworthy, and you won’t be able to drive it anymore. Vehicle inspections are a real nuisance as they often reveal other issues with the car, which can lead to costly repairs and multiple tests to have the 4WD re-certified. 

Moreover, you need to acknowledge that the laws put in place about suspension lifts are there to protect road users. Remember, we all have a responsibility to drive a car that is safe and roadworthy. If modifications aren’t completed correctly, they could have a severe effect on the 4WD’s handling ability and could result in danger to the driver, passengers and other road users too. 

So, Why Choose Phat Bars for Your 4WD?

Now that you fully understand how adding a suspension lift to your 4WD can enhance your off-road driving experience and add aesthetic value to the vehicle, it’s time to choose a lift kit to help you get the job done. 

Choosing the right suspension lift product for your vehicle is no simple feat. Not only is it essential to find a suspension system that is tailored for your 4WD, but you’ll also want to know that you are investing in a product that is built to the highest standard and is reliable. 

Whether you drive a Toyota Hilux, a Ford Ranger, or a Holden Colorado, choosing to purchase a suspension system from Phat Bars is a wise move. Phat Bars is known in the automotive industry for its passion for 4X4 vehicles and for bringing auto enthusiasts the best off-road protection and suspension systems.

Not only does the company provide an extensive range of suspension products for the most popular 4WDs in the business, but Phat Bars also specialises in other 4×4 specific items, including bullbars, bash plates, rock sliders and rear bars. For those who wish to enhance their cargo management for adventures, considering a robust bed rack Tacoma could be an excellent choice to securely transport gear, bikes, or even rooftop tents without compromising space within your 4WD. So, you are bound to find everything you need to upgrade your 4X4 for your next off-road experience when you shop with Phat Bars.

Getting The Most From Your Phat Bars Suspension

In short, the right suspension products have the potential to truly transform your 4WD. However, when you are making the decision to modify your 4X4, it’s always wise to read up about the legalities within your state or territory. After all, no one wants a fantastic 4WD that they can’t use without the risk of running into trouble with the law. 

Naturally, we are all looking for a brand we can trust when it comes to making any changes to our vehicles. As one of Australia’s industry leaders in off-road protection, choosing Phat Bars suspension products for your vehicle is an easy decision. From lift kits and real bars to rock sliders and bullbars, Phat Bars will have you covered. But what about if you want other 4WD and outdoorsy gear?

From 4×4 accessories, 4WD components and camping equipment, you’ll find everything you need for your next Aussie outback adventure at Online store. What’s more, their staff are experts in off-road vehicles and understand the nuances of 4×4 suspension and the general maintenance of 4WDs, so you can trust you are in safe hands when you shop with them. 

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