Planning to Move the Goods in Slovakia? Follow these Tips

Beo-control is one of South-Eastern Europe’s most successful transport enterprises. They can provide you with the best relocation facilities in Slovakia and a few other European countries because of their many years of familiarity and committed employees.

This Kosice-based Slovakian moving company operating in Kosice is a well-trained movers and packers team who will reach your home, carefully disassemble all your furniture, wrap it in protective materials, and load it into specialized vans and trucks and transport it to the desired place.

After that, they will make certain that each of your furniture pieces is carefully unpacked and reassembled as per your specifications. You need not worry about relocating antiques or your pets because their staff will take excellent care of them.

Whether it’s an office or residential relocation in Bratislava, Presov, Kosice, Banska Bystrica, or another city in Slovakia, they’ll make sure everything is done properly and effectively. Furthermore, Beo-control specializes in diplomatic relocations, and also many of their happy customers can attest to the high quality of their moving services.


Slovakia is placed on the railway network of Eurasia due to its strategic location between continents. It is strategically located, bordering Poland to its north and Ukraine to the east, to draw traffic on several routes.

However, the country has another significant advantage – it is the only European country where broad and narrow gauge railways meet. It has also got a trans-shipment facility available at the Ukrainian border, establishing a new gateway towards the network of the European railway, as a result of this benefit.

The Dobra container transport terminal is located near the arena and Tisou international terminal. It has a daily loading capacity of 9 entire container trains and employs 2 gantry cranes for trans-loading containers.

As per the Slovakian government, this terminal now has 90% free trans-loading capacity. With a trans-loading capacity of 200,000 containers per year, the terminal has the potential to become a significant logistical hub in Eastern Europe.

Strategic location

There are more initiatives like this. A new intermodal terminal is going to be built in the Slovak town of Elina, and also in Leopoldo. A tri-modal terminal is going to be developed in Bratislava. After Poland, the Slovakian ministry intends to develop Slovakia an alternative transit option. It will be, in every way, prepared to be the New Silk Road’s logistical center.

According to some experts, Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic are common transit destinations for traffic passing via Slovakia, as well as Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Slovenia. With connections to its terminals at Dobra, Alina, Bratislava, and Kosice, Slovakia is a part of 3 European corridors.

It will be connected to the main Adriatic ports by the development of the Belgrade-Budapest line, and it will be directly bordered by Poland, which will still be the principal European gateway for Eurasian traffic. The construction of a route through Ukraine, on the other hand, is crucial from a strategic standpoint.

Rather than multiplying bi-lateral cooperation agreements that may not always be properly coordinated in terms of priority setting, the best way to address long-distance transportation difficulties is to build an inclusive strategy under a multilateral framework, such as the EU-China Connectivity Platform.

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