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Haze light Studios’ A Way Out is a new co-op game published by Electronic Arts. The game includes an action-packed co-op adventure in which two inmates, Vincent and Leo, must escape jail and exact revenge on their adversaries.

The fact that A Way Out is co-op only means that you must play with another person in order to play it at all. This article will show you how to set up local or online co-op in A Way Out so you can start playing with a friend as soon as possible.

Before we get into how to set up A Way Out co-op, it’s crucial to realise that the game lacks a single-player feature. A Way Out’s primary experience is two-player by default, which means players must either link up with someone online or have two controllers available to play couch co-op with a friend locally.

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Though it is not ideal, A Way Out can be played as a single-player experience, at least for the first few chapters. One person can control each character independently by switching between two controllers. However, this gets practically hard in the latter chapters, so we recommend simply finding someone else to play co-op with.

Instructions for Online Two-Player Co-Op Games

If you want to play A Way Out online with a friend, you won’t have to buy two versions of the game. Because of the Friend Pass free trial, players only need to buy one complete version of A Way Out to play with a friend, which also applies to online co-op.

A Way Out local co-op is as simple as connecting a second controller and starting the game. Online co-op, on the other hand, is quite unique.

To play online co-op with a friend in A Way Out, follow the steps below.

. To enable online co-op in A Way Out, the user must first launch the game and pick the Play Online option.

. Click on the Invite a Friend button. This will display your friends list on whichever platform Player One is using. Choose a friend to play with and give them an invitation.

. When Player Two accepts the invitation, they will be directed to the digital store to download the free trial of A Way Out. After downloading the A Way Out free trial, the two of you are ready to play online co-op.

It should be noted that in order to play A Way Out, the player who downloads the free trial must be invited to join someone who has the full version. Player Two’s only other choice is to buy the complete version of A Way Out and invite someone else.

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Players who own the full version of A Way Out can invite a free trial player to join any unlocked chapter. The free trial gamer is not required to have played the chapters to which they are invited. However, free trial users can only play chapters that the full version owner has reached and unlocked.

This setup allows players who own the full version of A Way Out to complete multiple chapters with different co-op partners, as well as return to earlier chapters without worrying about Player Two’s progress.

While this technically counts as online co-op, A Way Out currently lacks online matching. The only method to play co-op is to invite a buddy who has downloaded the game’s Friend Pass free trial version.

If you and your co-op partner get stuck in A Way Out, our A Way Out Walkthrough will put you in the proper route. If you’re curious about the various endings of A Way Out, we’ve created a guide for you.

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