PMP certification eligibility criteria

PMP certification eligibility criteria

Who can be able to apply or give exam for PMP?

PMP certification is based on following:

If you should work on involving many projects that overhang in a solitary month, there will only consider the single project which you have done as your experience. It will not affect you even u paid or not paid for your project management or not as long as u gain your experience it will be considered as working. It may be included as schools or personal projects like marriage reception and all.

How many hours you worked in that project also counts:

The main thing is before you can be able to apply for this exam you have to maintain the time you spend on your project management skills and work and also know the uses and defects in it. The courses which provide you training and work related experience is so important that it will be counted as your real time experience. There is also interesting thing is that the hours of this work wont expire with time they are life time validity.  

This PMP Certification is conducted by Project management institution. After applying for the exam your need to pay some fee for the charges required for a proper way of managing for a production based works and project assisting management skills. This can be done in online in test centers and the scheduling exam and will provide you with an exam centre code to attend your exam. Date and timing will also be given in that form.

The requirement of this PMP are most valuable assists for a company to form a solid team and manage a highly venerable projects with precession and accuracy for estimation the work and resources of the company. This project manager has to have some best communication and attitude towards the other co workers in office. If not so it will not only affect the project team but also the working environment in the office. So keeping a best PMP office working manager for the office. 

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The skill which will be a good beneficiary to a PMP certification was the typing ability which is at the most of 35 to 40 words per minute. This will provide you a drastic advantage over other candidates for a proper and managing process on the work space. There is also a big problem with this PMP certification was if you have a bachelor’s degree in your hand for that you need attest three yours of experience for this PMP exam. This also will make you to have a CAPM certification for a project managing PMP exam. This CAPM will provide you the basic level of the exam in your daily working experience. You will be able to expedite the way of working and managing the project. After providing the valid form of experience you will get a notice that you can apply for the exam of PMP and maintain the experience on it. 

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