6 Most Popular Cartoon Villains of All Time

cartoon villains

No story is ever complete without a villain who is both ambitious, and ruthless in pursuit of his goal. Villains make stories more exciting and that is why every great story has this element incorporated in it.

But what are some of the best villains from cartoon shows out there? In this article, we will take a look at some of the best cartoon villains which are probably more popular than the main characters themselves.

So, without any further ado, let’s look at some of the most popular villains of all time from various cartoon series

  1. The Joker

This iconic character is from the series Batman and it appears in almost every comic, movie series, and TV reboot of Batman. The character is both smart, and relentless and often gets the best of the main characters using only its wit and strategies.

The villain has a very unique look with a constant smile drawn on his face with red paint. The joker is no doubt one of the best cartoon villains ever written. The character is so popular that they even made a whole movie based on his history and origin starring Joaquin Phoenix.

  • Megatron

This villain is from the series transformers and is among the most beloved villains of all time for his cool powers and strong character. He is a powerhouse of ambition and drive, and he will go to every end to complete his goals.

There were times when he single-handedly was able to defeat the whole Autobots using his sheer power and might. With a zero-tolerance for failure policy and highly sophisticated battle strategies, this villain stands out from most cartoon villains that you normally see in shows on sites like movierulz plz.

  • Team Rocket

It consists of two hilarious individuals named Jesse and James and their pet Pokémon Meowth. Their main goal is to gather the rare Pokémon from all across the world to help their criminal syndicate rule the world.

These characters have fun personalities and their dialogues are often quite hilarious. They succeed almost every time in catching the Pokémon in their target but due to plot issues, they often lose them every time. They are also quite good Pokémon trainers and have pretty strong Pokémon in their arsenal.

  • Lex Luthor

This supervillain is the best representation of the fact that even mere humans can go head-to-head with an infinitely powerful entity if they use their will and intelligence.

He is an ambitious genius and an egotistical villain who has endured the test of time and has garnered the title of the archnemesis of Superman. He has a high command of weapon technologies that has even led to him facing not just superman but other heroes from the DC universe as well with a pretty high success rate.

  • Wile E Coyote

This villain from the loony tune is extremely fun to watch. He has a unique gift of coming up with genius traps to catch his nemesis i.e., the Road Runner. This villain will go to any length to achieve his goal no matter the consequences of his actions.

People love him for his consistency and willpower which never falters no matter how many times he fails to get what he wants. It is truly a well-written and designed character that is adored by both kids and adults alike. You can watch him in action on free streaming sites like kisscartoon.

  • Mojo Jojo

This genius supervillain is from the show power puff girls came into existence with the same accident that led to the creation of power puff girls. He is brilliant and quite skilled in coming up with unique contraptions to get rid of his mortal enemies.

He appears in a number of episodes and his plans are often quite fascinating which makes the show so much more enjoyable.

Final Words

So, these are some of the best cartoon villains of all time. No matter you have seen these cartoons or not, we are certain that you have heard these names somewhere before.

All these characters are extremely fun to watch since they not only are amazing at what they do, they are also often relatable. We really hope you have enjoyed this information and we urge you to stay with us for more exciting stuff.          

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