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By the sheer force of her will, she managed to make her hallucinations more powerful than reality.

Dennis Lehane

The brazen serpent of knowledge developed ring by ring and scale by scale, and its work under the hands of man was brought to life with almighty life.

Ernst Junger

Its magic is powerful and poisonous. I am a butterfly caught in a net, which cannot escape … which does not want to escape. I am his. Entirely.

EL James

The desert is the milieu of revelation, it is genetically and physiologically different, sensorially austere, aesthetically abstract, historically hostile, its forms are powerful and suggestive.

Jon Krakauer

Only death can overcome too powerful a pain. Death is good. Death delivers. Death belongs to the miracle of being.

Emmanuel Schmitt

Was life then a force more powerful than words, a natural law superior to all others?

Richard Matheson

Such disorder, an effect of a powerful nature, is the height of art.

Joseph Roux

Race remains a powerful and often divisive force in our society.

Barack Obama

Rich and powerful sensations form on the roof of my mind. My day falls like a downpour – the woods and Elvedon Susan and the pigeon. Streaming on the walls of my mind, flowing in the same stream, my day falls thick, resplendent.

Virginia Woolf

Whoever wants to raise a powerful flame in an instant begins by lighting it with weak strands of straw.

William Shakespeare

Our mission is so fine, so fragile and sometimes so powerful and so healthy. So where to find the meaning when there is none. Or more. Time does not close wounds, they are gaping, open to even the most closed eyes. Tonight, I laid flowers.

Julien Dore

The imagination is so powerful when the reason for it is not.

George Sand

The goodness of one man is more powerful than the wickedness of a thousand.

Panait Istrati

Sparrow is also more powerful than you. Fafnir also. Every human being has skills. To despise women is to despise half of humanity. Remember this when you take over command of the rebels.

Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian

The tongue has no bones, and yet it is more powerful than the leg.

Gweebo proverb from Liberia

For days, I tried to ignore the voice of my heart, but it grew louder and louder. In the most hidden recess of my soul, I still existed and I believed in dreams.

Paulo Coelho

The imagination is so powerful when the reason does not chain it!.

George Sand

Love imposes itself on all ages, But it is not good in its fury, As in the meadows of May the storm, That young souls of candor: Its sudden rains refresh them, renew them, ripen them, And the mighty life produces Sweet flowers, rich fruit.

Alexander Pushkin

To be a tree. A winged tree. Strip its roots In the mighty earth and deliver them to the ground And when, around us, everything will be much larger, Open wide our wings and start to fly.

Pablo Neruda

Living is a happiness all the same, because life is a gift; but there are many days in our ephemeral human existence when we do not feel this happiness. It’s not the universe’s fault! Powerful personalities suffer less than others. They go through crises with extraordinary courage, and, when they are forced to descend into the abyss of doubt and pain, they come back up, their hands full of sublime poetry.

George Sand

Under the influence of a powerful idea, whether it is passionate or purely scientific, we find ourselves, like the diver under his bell, sheltered from the waves of the immense ocean which surrounds us.


The fascination of the earth is much more powerful for the peasant than that of water is for the fisherman.

Alexandre Dumas

Every man, every woman can find strength in himself. In us is a powerful source. An energy stronger than that of a thousand suns. But who knows this source? It is hidden by the weeds which suffocate it.

Martin Gray

It is significant that the status of women remains largely unchanged where religions are still very powerful. Everywhere else, it is called into question.

Herve Bazin

She read in order not to drift alone, she read not to fill a spiritual void but to accompany too powerful creativity. Literature like bloodletting to avoid fever.

Emmanuel Schmitt

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