Qualities to look for in a Litigation Lawyer

If you are charged with a criminal offence, then you should draw on the experience and skill of a trusted litigation lawyers Perth. 

No matter your legal issue, engaging a lawyer gives you the best chance of achieving an outcome you can be satisfied with. Whether your legal issue is an injury claim, a dispute with a neighbour, or employment related, litigation lawyers can help. Here are some qualities to look for in a litigation lawyer, so that you can choose the best in the business.

Qualities your lawyer should have

A few attributes you want in a lawyer include;

  • Honesty – You can judge this in a few ways. Is your prospective lawyer honest about their fees? What do online reviews say about your lawyer? Does your prospective lawyer follow through on what they say they can achieve for you? Have they followed a completely transparent process during initial discussions with you?   
  • Clear communication – With legal litigation, you want your lawyer to be a skilled communicator who engages with all the involved parties when needed! That also means explaining legal terms in a non-condescending manner using language you understand.     
  • Strong interpersonal skills – As well as being able to communicate well, your prospective lawyer should also demonstrate strong interpersonal skills. The ability to work with and talk to people from different backgrounds is vitally important, whether it be you as a client, your family, witnesses, court staff, judges, colleagues and so on.   
  • Being organised – A good litigation lawyer should be organised. That means communicating when they say they are going to, meeting deadlines, arriving on time for meetings, being punctual for court proceedings and so on. It also means submitting paperwork on time, and being up to date with your case at all times.  
  • Experts negotiation skills – Negotiation is a skill all lawyers need to possess, especially good litigation lawyers Perth. Negotiation plays a crucial role in how two sides reach agreements. Furthermore, it’s a vital aspect in a lawyer’s set of skills, especially when it comes to dealing with juries, judges, other lawyers and you as a client.   
  • Being persuasive – Lawyers really need to be good at persuading others, in order to convey their point of view. Persuasion pairs with negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills. 


When you are considering potential legal litigation options, it helps to consider the above concerns. Some will offer free first meetings, which is a good way to get a feel for a prospective lawyer’s skills. You can also look online to see what previous clients have to say about their experience with your prospective lawyer. You’ll want to know the outcomes of previous cases, and whether or not the previous clients were satisfied. Once you have narrowed down your shortlist of potential lawyers, you can then try to identify who has the most experience, specific knowledge to assist you and if they offer a payment plan.

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