Quality Link Building for SEO – Basics

Link building is the process of gaining the links back from other websites to your website. All business owners and marketers are interested in building links to drive referral traffic and increase website authority. 

Search engine algorithms are complex and evolving. However bad things are an important factor in house every search engine determines the websites to rank for particular keywords. Link building is one among the many tactics you could make use as a good SEO strategy as links signal to search engines that the website could be a good resource with high quality and hence get cited.

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There is a right way and wrong way to build links to your website. If you care about the long-time viability of the website and business, you should engage in natural link building. It is the process of running links rather than buying them or achieving them with the help of manipulative tactics that would get the website essentially banned from search results. Natural or organic link building is a tough and time-consuming process. All links are not created equal. A link from an authoritative website would have a greater impact on the rankings in the SERP than a link from a smaller newly built website but high-quality links are tough to gain. Read on to find out more details on how to build quality links that can improve the organic rankings without violating any search engine guidelines.

Importance of link building in SEO

Ling building is important as it is a major factor in how search engines rank web pages. Masters can improve the ranking of their website by increasing the number of websites that link to their pages. If you want the website and promote apparel to sell, you would also be competing with another manufacturer. One of the ranking factors search engines would look at in determining how to rank the web pages is link popularity. Link Building Services

How would other websites link to you – Tips and Tricks

There are different types of link building strategies you could make use of to get external websites to link to yours. 

Content creation and promotion: Creating high quality, compelling and unique content that people would naturally want to reference and link would tell people about it. You have to spread the word before you could expect anyone to find your content and link to it.

·Reviews and Mentions: Put the product, service or website in front of influencers in the industry like people with large social media followings like popular bloggers.

Links from friends and partners: Ask people you know and people you work with to link to your site. Remember that relevance matters. Links from websites that are in the same general industry or niche as your website would have more value than links from related or random websites.

It might take a while to build a lot of links but you should be patient and remember that shortcuts like buying links are against search engine guidelines. It could be devastating for your SEO and hence should not take chances.

Build free links with internal link building

There is an underrated and easy way to build links to the pages you are attempting to improve search engine ranking for. It is a method you have total control over – internal link building. You will have to consider a few key factors in attempting to get a web page to rank.

Anchor text: One of the most important things search engines consider in ranking a page is the actual text linking to a page that is relevant to your content. If someone links to a website that sells clothes, it would help the website to rank highly for that keyword phrase rather than it being a normal text. In such a situation, you would not enjoy the same ranking advantage for the particular phrase.

Quality of the linking page- Another factor you should consider is the quality of the page that is sending the link. Search engines allowed links from high quality and trusted pages to count in boosting rankings than questionable pages and websites.

·Page the link is aimed at Many times, when people talk about the website, they would link to the homepage. This would make it tough for individual pages to achieve a high ranking.

All these elements could not be controlled in attempting to get other websites linked to the brand’s website. All such elements could be controlled by linking to the brand’s pages from its content. You could determine what anchor text to use, you could make sure that the quality and content of the linking page are high, and decide on the page to point the anchor text at.

Internal link building tips and tools

You could set up a system for interlinking your web pages in easy steps

·Keyword Research for Link Building: First, you will have to utilise a keyword research tool to have various keywords suggested to you that are popular and relevant. 

Assign keywords to Content: You have to group the keywords strategically by creating a search-friendly information architecture.

Link the pages using targeted anchor text: The final step would be to apply the keyword research to intelligent interlinking. You can do it by linking to the content using the keywords you have found.

 You should be sure that you are linking to the right pages with the right anchor text. Have a look at some of the tips for effective linking.

Use the site search

This is simple and could be used for multiple purposes.

·Finding pages on your website to link to a new page: When you create new content, you have to make sure that you can search your website for mentions of similar keyword variations you might want to link to the page. 

Finding a page that’s been created to link to: Your website might have multiple content authors. In such cases, you will have an idea that the page is about clothing which has been created but you might not be aware of the page title or URL. In such situations, you could type in the keyword to the website search to find the corresponding page or use the search engine itself.


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