15 quotes from powerful women to boost you everyday

15 quotes from powerful women

There are some of these powerful women, just listening to them talk, they give us a good boost and encourage us to move forward and never give up. To continue celebrating Women’s Month, here are 15 quotes from powerful women, to keep in mind or reread as often as needed, from women who have been successful in fulfilling their dreams and making my best. They know how to get things done and continue to leave their mark through their journeys and the various battles, both internal and external, that they have won along the way.

Oprah Winfrey

 I will tell you that I have never had failures in my life. There was no failure. There have been terrible lessons.  

Oprah, the little girl from a poor family, raped multiple times has given way over the years to a strong woman who excels in many areas. Today it symbolizes the success of minorities: women, black, poor. Consider failures as stages that forge us and which, as difficult as they are, allow us to bounce back.

Hillary Clinton

To all little girls, never doubt that you are precious and powerful. You are worthy of all the opportunities in this world, so chase your dreams. 

From senator to presidential candidate via First-Lady, she has taken on so many roles and been a voice for women over time. It is not surprising that it symbolizes the foundations of a society and that it has been able to bring together by creating hope for millions of women. The hope that we can be successful and that we are not limited.

Toni Morrison

If you want to fly, you have to give up the shit that’s weighing you down. 

Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993, the novelist Toni Morrison, of whom I have had the opportunity to read several novels, has endeavored to make the condition of Black Women her guiding principle. She handles her pen with precision and agility to take us on a journey through each of her works. It is in frank language, full of sincerity that she gives us this advice in her book “The Song of Solomon”. A powerful and raw text, which depicts the history of African-American families of the 20th century between secrets and tragedies, a legacy of slavery in a country where it is difficult to define its identity.

Lupita Nyong’o

What I’ve learned myself is that I don’t have to be someone else; that I am quite well; and that when I’m true to myself, I can do amazing things. You must allow the impossible to become possible. 

Elected most beautiful woman of the year 2014 by the magazine “People”, the actress of Kenyan origin spoke in a poignant speech, the road traveled before she accepted her hair heritage and her dark complexion. What a magnificent path! What could be more normal, than at the front of the stage, she shows herself as the flag bearer of all those who would have liked to be different and proves to them that they can succeed just by asserting themselves as they are .

Michelle Obama

There is no boy who is good-looking or interesting enough to keep you from educating yourself. If I had cared about who liked me or who thought I was cute when I was your age, I wouldn’t be married to the President of the United States today.  

The one who is a lawyer by profession and who has just released the book “Becoming” on March 20, 2018, by its simplicity and its aura is a symbol for all women. It was during the promotion of the “Let Girl Learn” program that the most appreciated First Lady of the United States said these few sentences to encourage girls to strive for excellence. A boy or man doesn’t have to have the power to take you away from your goals if he’s as mature and smart as you are. Rather, you have to pull each other up.

Maya Angelou

Success is loving yourself, loving what you do, and loving how you do it. 

Civil rights activist Maya Angelou teaches us here that success can take many forms. It does not only reside in the accumulation of goods or money but rather in the fact of loving ourselves as we are and knowing how to appreciate what we do and take pleasure in it.

Mother Teresa

take chance

 Life is a chance, take it. 

This great lady won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, recognized for her altruism and has spent more than 40 years of her life helping the needy. She was very close to poverty and gave a chance to those who did not have it by providing them with shelter and an education.

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Lizzie Velasquez 

 If you get wrecked, get up. I say that because that’s the state of mind I’m in. I think that’s what got me to where I am today. 

Author, speaker and YouTube star, Lizzie Velasquez is a young woman with a congenital disease that robs her body of body fat. Victim of mockery since his childhood and after the broadcast of a video without his knowledge on Youtube. She knew how to transform this tragic event into a turning point in her life. This traumatic experience enabled him to stand up as a spokesperson for victims of harassment by raising awareness among young people in schools. Seemingly fragile, she shows us every day how strong she is.

Iyanla Vanzant

Lives collapse when they need to be rebuilt. 

Life coach, author, TV presenter … Iyanla Vanzant who has been very tired in the past after the loss of a child, a divorce, the bankruptcy of her company then the seizure of her house by bailiffs. So many things despite which they have been able to recover and give advice that we can feed on. Life sometimes gives us a second chance, like a rebirth. From a difficult event, which seemed insurmountable, we can make a new start, choose to move forward by thinking of ourselves first, listening to ourselves and asserting ourselves.

Gabrielle Union

I realized that I had kept people even when, deep down, I knew they were bad for me. I did not listen to myself. 

It is essential to measure the impact of those around you on your life. Do they imbue you with their positive vibes? Or, on the contrary, are they toxic? If so, you have the right to walk away. It doesn’t matter if this person is your spouse, a relative, an employer, if this person is not good for you, run away from them.

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Jane Fonda

It’s never too late to start over, never too late to be happy. 

Life is made of choices. We don’t always do the right things. But that’s no reason to give up or not to open up to other possibilities. The opportunities we can face are great when we are open to change.

Lady Diana

Only do what your heart tells you to do. 

Princess Diana, tragically deceased 20 years ago, was not just a fashion icon. And despite the failure of her marriage to Prince Charles, she always did what she believed in. She knew how to make the fight of the most deprived her own by getting involved, for example, in the fight against anti-personnel mines or in favor of sick children.

Beyonce Knowles

The world will see you the same way you see yourself, and treat you the same way you treat yourself. 

Confirmed businesswoman, the singer at the head of a clothing brand never ceases to delight her world. The way we look at ourselves, where our way of being in front of others determines their way of seeing us. Whether it is in the way of speaking, walking, the posture or the way of acting. 

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

 If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. 

The first woman elected to the highest office in an African country, the former president of Liberia gives us this advice to give you the courage to make your dreams come true, however big they may be.

Rosa Parks

One person can change the world. 

And finally, here is a quote from a powerful woman who has succeeded in changing the world. On December 1, 1955, she refused to give up her seat to a white man on a bus. His arrest following this act of bravery will trigger the boycott of the bus company by black men and women for more than a year thanks to the campaign of Martin Luther-King.

These are the best quotes from powerful women that I have collected here. Learn all of them and contribute yourself to the world by your quotes. If you have any questions or you find something new, please write something in the comment section.

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