Reasons and Remedies for Unemployment

We don’t need a Kundli prediction to understand the impending problem of unemployment in the country, especially among the youth. Many people are trying hard to find jobs and make a successful career, but are not able to get one. Interestingly, the best astrology websites will tell you how astrology can also play a huge role in helping one get a job. Having said that, here are some reasons and remedies for unemployment.

Astrological reasons behind unemployment:

According to Hindu astrology, Surya, Mangal and Shani are the main planets, which are responsible for unemployment and career. If a person is not getting success in his field, then he should focus on making these planets strong in their Vedic horoscope.

If you are struggling to get the perfect job that you have been looking for, then here are 6 remedies for unemployment that you can rely on.

6 Remedies for unemployment 


As per astrology, for this remedy, take a full hand of grain every day and put it into any utensil of your choice while making sure that the utensil has a capacity of holding 4-5Kg of grains in it.

You have to do this till the point that the utensil gets filled with grain. After the utensil gets filled with grains, donate the same on Sunday.

Basil Rosary

If you are working hard and still struggling to get a job then wearing Basil Rosary will definitely give a kickstart to your career. You can wear a Basil rosary that you buy or you can even create a custom homemade one for yourself.

Make sure to wear this basil rosary on Saturday morning after taking a bath. Basil rosary will help you to strengthen your Shani, which might be affecting your career and job progress.

Donate Jaggery 

As per the best astrology websites, this is one of the most useful astrological solutions to overcome unemployment. Take a copper utensil and put some jaggery or jaggery related foods in it on Saturday night, and donate the same to an old needy person.

This solution will help you to strengthen your sun and it will improve your chances of getting selected in interviews. You will start seeing differences in your career and you will start getting positive answers from your job interviews.


Finding the right perfect job is not an easy task and many difficulties will also come in the way so to reduce the negative effects of Shani and Surya you have to chant the mantra, हनुमते हाविशय नमः स्वाहा.

This mantra will help in your spiritual growth and this will give you the courage to fight back with all the negativity in life. You need to practise the remedy after taking a bath because the freshness of the human body also plays a big role when it comes to astrology.

Gram flour (Besan) Ladoo

You have to prepare 108-gram flour (besan) small laddoo and use them while performing pooja on Tuesday in the evening or night. And on the next day, donate them to poor and needy people.

While making ladoos, you have to make sure that the size of ladoos are not big. Try to make medium or small size ladoos because those will be more effective for you. You can eat them roo after pooja.

The floor of your House

Structure of the house and Vastu can affect your career and job. Many people ignore the condition of their home and it results in huge losses. Individuals who are struggling with their job and career should make sure that the floor of their house is flat. 

If you want a good job then you should focus on your home Vastu and the design of the floor accordingly. If your home’s floor is flat and clear then you are all set you don’t need to worry. This remedy will allow mental strength that is necessary in the hard times of your life. 

Above mentioned remedies will help you to get the perfect dream job that you are looking for and will provide you with mental strength and stability that is very necessary for life.

Apply these solutions while focusing on your work as well. These solutions will definitely ease your career stress but you have to keep trying from your side as well. 

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