Revolut Sponsors Learn and Earn Courses

Revolut Sponsors Learn and Earn Courses

The modern generation consists of numerous go-getters! They are tremendously interested in adding to existing knowledge. Only, learning must allow them to build successful careers and earnings. Noting this, Revolt has come up with some special courses. They relate to digital currencies. Users may comprehend more about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

A Briefing about Revolut

Vlad Yatsenko and Nikolay Storonsky are the creators of Revolut. They publicized it in July 2015. The mobile app provides an array of digital banking services. Thus, it targets tech-savvy people. If you are a beginner, engage in Bitcoin trading confidently with bitcoin revolution app.

The app assists in certain operations. 

1. One of them is sending money overseas in the form of 29 different cryptocurrencies. 

2. Another one is permitting Revolut’s digital currency exchange to undertake conversions. It is possible to exchange other coins for XRP, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, or Ethereum. 

3. Vaults take up the job of budgeting, as well as, saving money. 

4. Medical insurance is accessible via mobile phone, locally, and overseas. 

5. A user may opt for a prepaid debit card. This is useful for withdrawing cash from machines. The facility is available in 120 nations.

Thus, Revolut is a highly-reputed financial platform. It is globally appreciated for its usage of advanced technology. 

The Learn & Earn Program

Revolut has always been in the news. However, its announcement about Learn & Earn courses has garnered great attention. No other platform has come up with such an idea before!

The company aims to educate the public about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It also aims to give in-depth information about the global crypto marketplace. 

The company has more than 18 million users. All of them are welcome to join these courses. There is even an incentive program in place. According to the Crypto General Manager of Revolut, Emil Urmashin, numerous customers desire to understand digital currencies. 

The Learn & Earn program will teach them several things. They include ongoing trends, potential risks, and possible opportunities. Of course, everything will be related to cryptocurrencies only. 

Towards this end, Revolut has even roped in the Web3 Foundation, Polkadot. It is an extremely popular blockchain network. This way, Revolut’s users should soon become familiarized with concepts concerning virtual currencies. 

Revolut’s Courses

The program is split up into two courses. 

Crypto Basics

This is the first course. It is important for beginners. They should understand what digital currencies represent. They should also learn to distinguish between fiat currencies and digital ones. 

Students will also learn about varied aspects of virtual currencies. The topics include cryptography, risks linked to cryptocurrency investments, decentralized systems, and how blockchain technology works.


The curriculum of the second course is focused on Polkadot. It is a multi-chain network. Users should understand how it brings blockchains under a common umbrella – Web3. Web3 refers to the decentralized Internet. 

Then again, students must understand everything about DOT. It is the native token of Polkadot. Comprehension will prove easy, thanks to the usage of visual materials. These materials include videos and interactive cards. Polkadot’s governance system and use cases are part of the learning too. 

A relay Chain refers to a central chain linked to the Polkadots network. It permits public and specialized blockchains to unite within a common network.

There are incentives on offer, too. Those who sign up for these courses will gain rewards. They stand to gain free DOT tokens. The tokens are worth up to $15. 

At the same time, Revolut offers a straightforward warning, too! Cryptocurrency marketplaces are subject to volatility. Therefore, prices may fall or rise, and rapidly. It is not possible for any nation’s government or bank to stabilize the values of virtual currencies. Therefore, the worth of the rewards to be paid for Learn & Earn program’s users, may not remain constant. Thus, Revolut would pay students, in alignment with marketplace prices prevailing at any given time.

Nonetheless, users need not worry. Even if they lose tokens, they should gain knowledge. They can put that education to good use.

Then again, Revolut has planned additional courses, too. The idea is to help people gain greater control over their personal finances. They will also be able to utilize new services and tools. To sum up, Revolut aims to have a win-win situation all around!

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