RIP Full Form: full Form Of RIP in Hindi and English

RIP full form

Many people are curious about what RIP stands for. So, friends RIP Full form is “Rest in Peace”. This word is frequently used by people to wish for peace of soul. It is completely an English word so it is mostly used by Christians and the British. 

If we want to understand the full form of RIP, rest means ‘time out’ and peace means ‘peace time’ together then it means to rest or take a break for the sake of peace of soul. RIP full form in Hindi also describes the same meaning as a lot of people of India are also seen using this abbreviation on social media.

Purpose of using RIP

These days, most people write this word on social media to wish peace to someone’s soul when he/she passes away. Some people use this abbreviation, while, some other people like to write RIP Full form completely to express the deep sorrow and love for the departed one.

The early history of RIP

The British word RIP was derived from the Latin phrase “Requiescat in Pace”. It was mainly used only for the deceased person. And for the very first time, this abbreviation was found on tombstones around the 5th century.

After that, it became common to write R.I.P on almost every tomb of Christians and also for Roman Catholics. In Christianity, RIP full form “Rest in Peace” is usually written on graves as they bury people the dead bodies under the ground. While the Hindus tend to burn them in the woods. 

The denotation of RIP Abbreviation

RIP is most commonly used to express the sorrow of the departed souls. When people die, they are shifted into a forever resting mode, that is why this unique word has more relevance to the meaning, Rest in Peace. This indicates that it is the best way to express condolence to the relatives of dead ones. 

RIP full form in English also depicts the same. Although, in 2017, there were some protests from the members of orange order to stop the phrase R.I.P as it contradicts the doctrine of the bible. But later it was declared that it is solely a prayer for the dead ones. 

Different RIP full forms

The very famous abbreviation “RIP” is generally considered a prayer to request God that the dead one’s soul should find a peaceful afterlife. The concept behind this is that the doctrine of Christians and Muslims believe that the soul gets separated from the body upon death of someone ad reunites on the day of judgment.

Besides that, some other different types of the full form of RIP generally used and understood by people are

  1. Rest in Peace
  2. Recovery is Possible
  3. Return If Possible
  4. Really Inspirational People
  5. Regular Investment Plan
  6. Retirement Income Plan
  7. Read in Private
  8. Request in Process
  9. Rapid Install Package
  10. Remote Indicator Panel
  11. Rate Image Processor
  12. Rapid Installation Plan/Phase
  13. Rough-In Point
  14. Research in Progress and many more 

RIP Full Form in different contexts

The meanings and definitions of the full form of RIP vary from context to context and are so they are categorized differently. Some of RIP Full form logic and reasons are given below for your information:

  1. Law and legal terms

The term RIP is verily used in legal cases. In law, it stands for “Regulatory of Investigation Powers”. 

  1. Technological terminology

The word RIP is shortly used in advanced technology. Here the RIP full form indicates “Refractive Index Profile”.

  1. Printing context

In printing and photocopy shops, we may listen to the term RIP. But remember here the full form of RIP represents “Raster Image Processor”.

  1. Jokingly and friendly mode

Some people may use the word RIP eventually joking and making fun of some act. Here RIP depicts “Rocks in Park” or “Return If Possible”. 

Religious Facts Related RIP full form

Knowing the right sense and context of the full form of RIP is very important before using it. All RIP words and short forms cannot be used properly if you don’t have complete information regarding them.

Besides context and situations, the meaning and full form of the abbreviation RIP also varies from religion to religion. Some of the facts regarding RIP full form following the three major religions and faiths in the world are as follows:

  1. Hindu Religion

As per the Hindu’s faith and belief, it is not a valid term. So, RIP full form in Hindi is used for the sense that the departed soul after death gets Moksha. Moreover, in the Hindu religion it is assumed that after death, the soul does not go into rest mode rather it is the process of liberation.

  1. Muslim Religion

Normally, the Muslim community does not use such jargon. Instead, they use an Arabic statement of their holy book “The Quran” which indicates that we all belong to Allah and ultimately, the souls of all of us will return back to Allah. 

  1. Sikh Religion

RIP is also not used by the Sikh community commonly. Therefore, the people of this religion are not aware of the full form of RIP. Instead, they exclaim the word Waheguru, which means the wonderful lord, now the departed soul is up to you. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) What is RIP?

Ans: The cultural RIP full form is Rest in Peace. It is because RIP is mostly used by the Christian community to express sorrow or sadness for the departed soul. Does all the time RIP means the same?

Ans: No, that is not so. RIP is actually a Latin word used as an acronym or an abbreviation having different meanings. So, it has various full forms and diverse meanings, some of which are listed in the article above. Why is RIP used? 

Ans: It depends on the situation, where the speaker is saying it, and where the listener is hearing it. As mentioned, there are many reasons to say RIP, so its use varies in different circumstances. Is RIP used all over the world?

Ans: Yes, this abbreviation is almost used worldwide. Each and every individual all around the globe wants to save his time. So, most individuals use its short format form avoiding long sentences and words. Is RIP used in daily life instances?

Ans: Yes, it is used very commonly. According to a recent survey, RIP is used all over the world under different circumstances. That is why there are many full forms of RIP used differently in diverse daily instances. Is RIP a spiritual statement?

Ans: Yes, it is somehow considered to be a spiritual statement narrated usually when someone dies. People use to pray for the spirit and the soul by saying this word. Thus, RIP generally narrates for a pray that may God give the departed soul a peaceful rest in the next journeys. What is RIP in death?

Ans: Clearly, the meaning and RIP full form in death situation is “Rest in Peace”. People say this phrase because it is considered a request before God to give peace to the dead one’s soul. What is RIP for a dead person?

Ans: Surely, for the departed soul, it is an appeal before God as people pray for the peace of a dead person’s soul. What is RIP Full Form in Hindi?

Ans: दोस्तों देखिए RIP का English फुल फॉर्म तो Rest in Peace है और दोस्तों इसका Hindi मैं मतलब है “शांति से आराम करना” 


Summarizing all discussion about RIP full form, it is used by Christians to express the griefs for the departed soul from this temporary world. Still many contradictions are there on the use of such phrases in various situations.

RIP is a very sensitive word that should be used very carefully after keenly understanding the situation. If you mistakenly use it for a living person, his feelings may get hurt. Therefore, it is suggested to use words like RIP with extreme care. 

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