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Rolling Paper

Where to get rolling paper for weed? 

Before we answer that, we must know;

What are rolling papers? And how to use them? 

Talking about the tools of a cannabis lover – there are many, and rolling papers are one of the basic ones. 

So we understand your enthusiasm in knowing where to get rolling paper for weed, so whether you are a new consumer or looking for a new method for consumption, this blog post is for you.  

Rolling Papers – What are they? 

The rolling papers are crafted to envelop the precious herbs for smoking. Similar to the cowboys who used rolled cigarettes, the rolling papers are used to roll up blunts or joints for smoking weed. 

The recent cannabis legalization in many states has ballooned the demand for blunts wraps and rolling papers; thus; many companies now market these directly in an array of shapes, materials, sizes, flavors, and colors.

Plus, the rolling papers can be made out of unique materials also.

Rolling Paper Materials 

Mostly the rolling papers are made using plant fibers. 

The fibers include flax, hemp, and rice straw. You can also buy translucent plant cellulose paper to see the decarboxylation process as you smoke. 

These materials make for a great variety of paper for rolling joints as these burn slower than wood, making the herbs last longer and giving you an amazing high. 

Choosing Rolling Paper

So how do you pick the perfect rolling paper? 

As we understand the learning curve for newbies, we recommend choosing paper that is easy to roll. Go for thicker paper options like the hemp rolling papers. Remember, the thinner the paper is, hard it will be to roll it properly – which might lead to frustration. 

If you are an experienced smoker, go for the thinner papers –as thin as possible, or more so if you have the premium herb on your hands. Why? This will ensure that you taste the weed and not the paper itself. 

Another thing to reflect is the size of the rolling paper; the bigger it is, the more herb will be required to fill it. If you are planning a solo smoke, a single wide rolling paper is good to go, but if you are planning to share the joint with your friends – go for the 1 ¼ inch papers. 

Using Rolling Paper

Using papers properly takes some practice, but that part of the fun, first of all, get your hands on the right tools/accessories: 

  1. Grinder 
  2. Rolling paper
  3. Filter
  4. Cannabis flower

Now move on to the next part – of actually rolling a joint. 

First up;

Grinding the Herb

If you have whole flower buds on your hands, make sure to get those in the right size and texture by grinding. If you do not have a grinder nearby, use your fingers to crush the herbs but be gentle. 

Filters – Yay or Nay?

This is optional – the filters are the mouthpiece of the cones. 

You can get them premade, or you can also make one by yourself with thicker paper. Fold the paper into the accordion-like shape, and you are good to go.

The Best Part – Weed 

Keeping the filter and the adhesive side of the paper away from you, put the weed in a line down the rolling paper. Spread it out nice and good in an even line, but remember not to overfill it. 

The Rolling

The easy part is the actual rolling of the paper – start at the filter as it gives you a good anchor to hold on to. 

You might want to pick up the paper and hold the filter and edge to make a U shape. Now rock the paper back and forth gently, this will compress weed, and now you can start to roll it with the adhesive side staying up always. 

You need to make it snug but not so much that it restricts airflow. 

Moistening Adhesive 

Many only lick the edge of the paper, and you can do whatever you prefer, but if you share the joint, it is better to use water to moisten it. Now, begin at the filter with a damp edge and carefully seal the rolling paper. 

Packing and Twisting

 If the herbs fall out, it is a good time to grab them and pack them back into the end with a pen or chopstick. Compress and pack it again without restricting airflow. Once it is packed, twist the end side to seal the joint up. 

Once done, light up the twisted end and begin your amazing smoking session. 


Where to get rolling paper for weed? 

So the answer to your question, where to get rolling paper for weed is; Everything for 420, your only cannabis partner. 

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