Sail the Adriatic Sea with a Yacht Charter in Croatia

If you are looking for a beautiful destination in the Adriatic Sea where you can sail on a boat, we suggest you look at Croatia. This attractive country has a vast coastline of 5800 km, of which nearly 4000 km belong to reefs, islands and cliffs. Yacht charters in Croatia allow you to explore these wonders of nature at your convenience. In this article, we will share with you some reasons why you should charter a yacht to visit Croatia.

1. A Beautiful Mediterranean Climate

Croatia has a superb Mediterranean climate which is ideally suited for sailing. The primary sailing season lies between April to October. At their highest points, temperatures can reach 38°C. However, if you are looking for a less crowded holiday, you can go slightly offer season, around June or September.

2. Well-Preserved Natural Beauty

Croatia has managed to keep its natural beauty intact, and you can enjoy your time here by visiting some of its well-preserved natural parks. Croatia has 8 national parks, beautiful vineyards, hidden coves and bays, and 11 nature parks. If you are a nature lover, Croatia will surely win your heart. While sailing on a yacht, you can also explore the hidden wonders of the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea marine life.

3. A Rich Culture

If you love to visit historic places and are interested in new cultures, Croatia offers immense opportunities to indulge in both of your passions. This small but culturally rich country has several monuments which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

4. Mouth Watering Cuisine

Croatia has a great variety in its cuisine. You should ask the company that providesyacht charters in Croatia to include an experienced chef in the crew who knows how to cook amazing Croatian dishes. Croatia’s food dishes are greatly influenced by Greek, Roman, Illyrian, French and Italian cuisines. Therefore, when you come to this beautiful country, you can partake in some of the tastiest food from across the region that will surely make your journey even more special.

5. Warm and Hospitable People

While it is true that nature has blessed this amazing country with a lot of riches, all of them pales in comparison to the warm and hospitable people of this beautiful country. If you speak English, you will find that a vast number of Croatian can either talk to you fluently in English or understand you quite well. Many of them can even speak Italian, French and German. You can effortlessly converse with them and learn more about their rich heritage.

6. Fantastic Nautical Infrastructure 

As yacht charters in Croatia are highly popular, there is a huge nautical infrastructure to cater to this need. In this country, you will find more than 50 marinas and numerous harbours and leisure ports dotting the coastline. Therefore, you do not have to worry when travelling to Croatia on a yacht as you can easily dock your boat at any suitable spot, take a taxi, or even walk to the nearest city centre.

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