Scott Cooper Denies Holding a Pointed Ice Against a Female Mannequin Indecently

It’s been a long time since the controversy, but looks like nobody is interested in knowing the truth. All people are concerned about is how one candid photo can make a blast on social media. It is allowing everyone to earn some brownies points by imposing their point of view on derogatory statements. 

Yes, it is the same candid photo clicked by some dumb friend of Scott Jason Cooper and posted online. It was surely taken in a barbecue contest, but this good old friend never thought that it could change Scott’s life drastically. Florida Senator Rick Scott’s political opponent, Scott J. Cooper, has categorically refuted the claim. His political opponents, he claims, are attempting to smear him and his consultant Josh Cooper’s public image.

Scott’s Statement

Rick Scott’s consultant, Scott Cooper Miami Florida has already explained his position by stating that he frequently works as a barbecue chef in his spare time. He was competing in a Memphis tournament at the time, and during the chaos, he was attempting to toss away a large piece of ice.

A female mannequin happened to be standing nearby when one of his teammates took the photo from an incorrect angle. He thought the shot was amusing, and in his lighthearted attitude, he shared it on the internet.

However, Scott Cooper’s political opponent in Florida began exploiting the photo and attempting to discredit him by spreading a sexually explicit narration.

Is the Truth Valid? 

In the highly competitive world of BBQ cooking, one cannot win the first prize if they are too preoccupied with making an Ice male organ rather than grilling meat. As a result, Josh Cooper’s assertion appears to be valid. Though Myron Mixer won the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, it cannot be denied that Scott Cooper Miami Beach resident and his Memphis-based barbecue team, Swinos were all prepared to win the $115,000 prize money. 

Since it was released online in May 2017, the photo has been making the rounds in Florida political circles. Scott Jason Cooper claims that, even though the photograph was removed at his request, one of his numerous enemies in Tallahassee is distributing it to discredit Cooper.

Joshua Cooper, a Tallahassee political consultant who has been paid more than $500,000 by Florida Gov. Rick Scott to dig up dirt on Scott’s foes over the years, insists the photo is just a snapshot taken at an awkward angle. Cooper insists the photo does not depict him holding an ice male organ near a mannequin’s genitals.

Scott Cooper Miami Beach resident has a happy and loving family. His wife, three daughters, and a young son are his strength and pillar. According to him, he is ideal for his family, and he will not just go on making such indecent posture, not at least in public to embarrass them in society.

So now it’s up to the readers to come to their conclusions. Is it possible for a Florida Republican to create an Ice male organ, especially during a contest where you get stipulated time to prove your talent? People who have spent countless hours at BBQ Fest can decide whether it is simply a candid photograph that Cooper’s friend thought was amusing enough to put on the internet, or does it look like something which is being portrayed by Scott’s rivals. 

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