SEO For Crypto Currency Promotion

SEO is a bit different for companies that launch an ICO or run crypto investment funds. Many of these sites are short-lived and high-trafficked. These websites must master a few key tasks.

Keyword and competitor research is the most important tasks.

No matter if you’re trying to attract organic traffic or pay for it, your organic SEO and PPC must be precise.

How Can You Make Sure That Your Budget Doesn’t Go Sour?

You will need to perform all the necessary on-page and offline optimizations just like any other website owner. Next, follow these steps:

Take A Look At Your Competitors

You have two options: you can either hire an agency or do it yourself using an SEO platform such as SE Ranking.

SE Ranking’s competitor analysis provides a comprehensive database that allows you to see the entire crypto market.

We provide the most up-to-date and accurate data possible, particularly when it comes to search volume, keyword competition, and so forth.

This allows you to search for competitors and find out all about their organic traffic via Google.

Need More Data?

We can build a database that is tailored to your requirements so you can beat all your competitors at various levels, from a specific place to a particular keyword.

These data are collected exclusively for you and only you. What’s more, it is specific to your niche – ICO or crypto currency.

The Most Converting Keywords

You can even rank among the top 10 with the help of’s like finding a gold mine. This project can be done by you or your agency using tools such as keyword search tools.

We have a large keyword database. This data pool can be used to find keywords with low competition and adjust your organic and paid campaigns accordingly.

This is cheaper and more efficient than bidding on highly competitive keywords everyone else is bidding on.

You can also get many ideas for your PPC campaigns or content strategy. Google is the best source of information on crypto-related queries.

You can find the right keywords in search engine suggestions because they are based on how people search. This allows you to find keywords based on search volume/popularity.

Group And Distribution Keywords Like Google Wants It

Once you have compiled all your keywords into a long list, it is time to determine the best way to use them.

If keywords and data are not properly distributed, search engine marketing can become a huge money-making machine.

Keyword Grouping Is Essential

This tedious task could be performed manually or with tools such as keyword grouper.

Keyword grouper is a tool that collects keywords and groups them into clusters or groups. Then it distributes them to different pages in the exact way Google wants.

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