Shilajit and Ashwagandha for bodybuilding.


Shilajit is an mineral based extract can be found in Asian countries it has numerous properties and benefits such as it is rich in anti- oxidants, it has many Beauty benefits, it reduces the aging signs, it helps in treating premature ejeculation , erectile dysfunction, promotes libido in males and females but along with all of such benefits it also is very much beneficial for bodybuilding. It provides you Strength and endurance taken after the right dosage before workout.

 Shilajit Improves your performance naturally and it has been suggested by most of the athletes. 

In Ayurveda there are so many benefits available of Shilajit as it consists of so many active components inside it with great Benefits and properties.

It is an adaptogen that helps in reducing the stress level. It works at microscopic level and reduces the stress and cellular stress physiologically, which boosts up the cell health and ultimately its functions and Metabolism which is good for overall health so this way it helps in improving body functioning, Immunity and Strength. You can use ashwagandha for anxiety and cure your depression.

Shilajit also provides you energy and alertness with age it has been seen and experienced by most of the people that they are not able to perform well, they feel very weak, fatigue, laziness at microscopic level it is due to declining in production of ATp molecules which provides the energy to perform , according to research it is been proved and seen that Shilajit improves the production and functioning of ATP molecules which provides you energy, alertness and stamina naturally. So it is good to take it before working out. It helps you in bodybuilding , muscle strengthening, increase stamina and endurance to perform well but should be taken in appropriate dosage after prescription. 

Also Shilajit consists of an active component known as fulvic acid which consists of a amount of oxygen molecule inside it so during exercise when you are oxygen deprived it helps you a lot and provides you stamina to do more workout. Ashwagandha benefits can be seen once you start consuming it.

Along with such it is also very rich in electrolytes which  improves the Metabolic activities and also it improves libido and sex drive in males naturally.

But always remember to take the appropriate dosage at the right time after prescription otherwise leads to other side effects as well.


Ashwagandha it is an herbal supplement with great benefits and effective properties  provides you Strength and stamina naturally and also reduces the stress

 It naturally helps you in bodybuilding, improves muscle strength and mass, provides you endurance and enhances your performance naturally but it should be taken in appropriate dosage at the right time after prescription for effective actions otherwise it may lead to other side effects as well.

It reduces the activity of cortisol the stress hormone which majorly responsible for low testosterone level, low stamina, low muscle mass So Ashwagandha is best against  such as it works naturally and along with increase in muscle mass and Strength it also helps to treat erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation etc.

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