Simple Coloring and Drawing Themes For your Little Kids

I recently moved to live with my uncle’s family in another state. My uncle has 3 lovely kids, 2 males and a female. But, every weekend I have to babysit them at home as my uncle and Aunt go out for other functions. It is always quite an arduous task to get the kids to behave and not turn down the whole house before their parents return.

Image: Princess Coloring

One faithful Saturday, while watching them run around in the house and tired of calling them to keep quiet and be calm, an idea formed in my mind on how to engage them for a long period of time. Guess what I can do? Pay attention! I will reveal what was the treasure box of my brain. An idea to create a list of simple and coloring and drawing themes that we could explore together every weekend. So, let me open the treasure box to reveal the full discussion in this post. 

The themes were a compilation of interesting ideas that can engage the thinking ability of the kids. This means that even one idea could generate thousands of drawing ideas that can engage the little ones to have long hours of fun. So, you might find these ideas I am about to share useful when you need to keep your kids engaged in coloring and drawing activities. 

Coloring and Drawing Themes


Kids love the idea of family and will definitely love to color or draw the people that make up their family if asked  to do it. No doubt that they love to imagine and this is a great theme to unleash their imaginative capability. 

You can simply produce a single printed coloring page that has some images of a family unit to be colored the right way  or a plain paper can be provided for them to draw their family members, parents, siblings, pets and anything related to the family. 


Aside from being at home, another place kids love to be for a long period of time is the school. Certainly, they will like to imagine their school setting and draw images that can easily be seen in their school or if given a coloring pages will use the colours of the school that attend to present  similar images. You can give them hints such as, teacher in the classroom, students reading and writing, a lab, playgrounds and so many other images.  


This is an interesting theme for kids as they can easily color and draw these shapes in their right sizes. A coloring page of shapes and sizes can be printed and handed to kids to choose the desired colors for them. Kids can also draw different sizes (small & big, squared, round etc) of shapes and colored shades of yellow, black, red, blue, green, purple and so on. Other shapes include moons, kites, cylinders and so on. 

  1. Elements of the Universe

Oh! Who wouldn’t love to see the universe even from the pages of coloring or drawing books. The stars, blue skies, the seas,  space, astronauts, rockets and the planets  are all fascinating to color and draw. Kids can have a universe coloring pages with the right coloring codes to bring out their beauty. A drawing book can also be placed before them and they can pick any elements of the universe, be it the starry sky, the earth and so on to draw. Don’t be surprised when you see a beautiful image of the moon and stars in their drawing boards. 


This makes me want to sing a song! Summer, winter, autumn and spring! Let’s stop there. Seasons is a great theme to introduce kids to the world of coloring and drawing activities. Coloring pages images  of snow fall, rainfall,autumn leaves, summer/winter/spring  can be colored to suit those seasons. Kids can be told to draw snowmen, leaves, rainbows, snowflakes, rainy days and so on. summer activities and games, my first snowfall, snowman, autumn leaves etc. 


Aha! Animal lovers,Nat geo wild fans will definitely love this coloring and drawing activities. Get animal coloring pages with the right color code for kids to produce the images they see in their surroundings. You can ask them to draw animals such as a bird, a dog with a bone in the mouth, a horse with a rider on it, an owl in a tree branch, a cat, their pets,  a rat or other interesting animals.  


Well, isn’t this a theme they can easily relate with. They live in a building, school in a building and go to other buildings to do their activities. Get coloring pages of houses, school, hospitals,  post office, church and other buildings around them to color. They can also draw parts of the building using blocks formed from geometrical shapes such as triangles, squares and so on. To guide them in drawing, you can model a house before them and ask them to draw which will keep them engaged for a long time. This will keep them engaged for a while as they have fun getting the right shades and drawing patterns. 

Means of transportation

A perfect theme for vehicle loves! Kids love cars, especially the boys who like to watch them being driven in movies or on the roads. Coloring pages of monster trucks, fancy cars, motorcycles and bicycles, ships and boats are great images to be coloured according to their desires. Also, kids can be told to draw their school bus, mum/dad cars, their own bicycles, their favorite monster trucks, a train, or whatever means of transportation they are interested in. 

Coloring and Drawing themes competition

I thought of having a rewarding competition with the kids too. I engage them in coloring and drawing and decided to reward the best produced art works. This gave them a major task to focus on for a long period of time as they worked hard to produce a masterpiece. 

Also, I allow them to select any coloring page subject they desire as well as any object/subject they are interested in drawing. I love watching them concentrate, learn and at the same time have great fun.

Word on the Marble

Dear readers, the themes aren’t restricted to the ones I have mentioned in this enlightening article. You can also think and add more themes to the list. You can keep your kids calm and at the same time learning and having fun. Try this and thank me later.

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