Skills to Deal With Ups & Downs of Life


Human beings are considered very intelligent on the earth. Their intelligence level makes them feel emotions and feelings of each other and of other living organisms on earth. On this very planet survival skills are very necessary for every living organism to sustain in the ecosystem of earth. Everyone wants to sustain, grow and live happily for which skills are needed. Skills which can make a human cope up with good and bad situations are very important. today humans have lost the originality of life. Today humans are living according to the demand of competitive and artificial society, and to survive in such a scenario humans need a particular. The earlier education system was very complex but today due to online learning it has become very easy to acquire knowledge and information. So, to use online learning is also a set of skills which helps the students to deal with ups & downs of their academic life. Many tools of online learning like LMS portals and School LMS help the students in overall all academic situations. School LMS and LMS portals make using online learning very easy for the students. In the same way, life skill education is also very important for the students to survive in the outer world. Students also need such life skills to face and deal with ups and downs of life, let’s look into what are they:

  • Students should be self-aware about themselves; this helps themselves to understand themselves deeply and properly. When one becomes self-aware then he or she answers to himself/herself only and in such situations, one uses his/her words, deeds and thoughts very wisely which cannot hurt anyone and cannot create any problem for anyone else. Being self-aware makes a person or a student accountable for the behaviour he or she shows in the school, college, family and society. Such responsible thoughts make a student or an adult very disciplined in his/her personal life.
  • An empathetic person or student learns how to get connected with people and makes him or her understand the feelings and emotions of any other individual. This empathy makes students understand their peer group, their family members and their tutors very correctly and create a balance in relationships they make in their personal, academic and professional life. This trait of human nature makes trust and bond of relationships stronger as well as decreases situations of misunderstanding also.
  • Another human skill is communication, this part of human trait is a very powerful medium to get connected with another human being or any other living organism. This skill should be learnt by every student or human being in order to face the ups and downs of life effectively. This skill includes crystal clear speaking and effective learning and giving a well decided and judged feedback which can complete the process of communication. Communication is that skill which can be used in many crucial situations where almost all the solutions fail, a proper communication works. 
  • Everyone faces issues and various problems in life and so a student in his academic life, no one is able to escape this situation but what saves an individual in such a situation is creativity and critical thinking helps a lot. These two are such powerful skills which caves everyone in any adverse condition. For example, when a student is solving a maths exam paper and is unable to solve by the method taught by the teacher then he/she uses his/her critical thinking and solves the problem by another method. This skill becomes a lifelong friend of the student and helps him/her whole life.
  • Students or adults both should have a very necessary life saving skill which is called problem solving skill. Problem solving skill makes a person tackle any such condition where the problem is getting worse and no solution available instantly. There such a skill holder has patience and observes the situation and finds out solutions to solve the issue without panicking. This skill provides proper decision-making ability to an individual and is able to overcome any situation.
  • The most powerful skill which handles all the above skills needed to handle ups and downs of life is to deal with emotions and handling stress because when one is not able to handle these two things everything shatters. That is why one needs to control emotions and should never let stress ruin the self-confidence he or she has in him/her.
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