Sleeper Women’s Clothing – The Confidence and Comfort You Deserve

It feels as if we have spent too much time at home so the struggle of finding the right outfits seems to have gotten even harder. However, it shouldn’t be like that. Fashion is all about experiments and fun, and style is something that should help with natural self-expression. That’s why brands that help achieve all of those things become the ones with the best-selling clothing. Fortunately, there are a lot of great options on the fashion scene, because modern style is all about uniqueness, as well as comfort and practicality. The Ukrainian brand Sleeper is one of the greatest representatives of such clothing labels.

The brand has been in business for eight years now. It started as a label of luxurious pajamas, however, as the brand expanded, it has introduced a lot more fresh designs. Sleeper went from only making not-so-sleepwear sets to designing dresses, swimwear, athleisure outfits, and even shoes. Sleeper women’s clothing became so widely popular, that even celebrities like Rihanna and Millie Bobby Brown were spotted wearing these designs. And one of the things that made them so popular was their call to effortless beauty. Sleeper successfully combined chic and comfiness in its looks, therefore, making their clothes suitable to be worn through every moment of every day. Practically, that was the brand’s initial motive – to make pajamas-like outfits that would nevertheless fit perfectly into an office or party setting. After that, a lot of brands started to support such an initiative and make clothes that allowed for practicality and comfort as well as general style.

The Summer Collection and Other Gems

Ever since Sleeper launched its first line, the brand has introduced a lot of new collections. Some of the most widely known ones are:

  • Party collection with a wide range of vintage-inspired pajama suits for every occasion and liking;
  • Bridal collection, with the most beautiful minimalistic white dresses and other details one could imagine;
  • Vacation styles line represented by a wide range of linen clothes most suitable for the hot season;
  • and the most recent one – the Summer Market capsule, which offers style, comfort, and variety combined in all of the included outfits.

All of the lines only support the fact that as a brand Sleeper strives to achieve maximum versatility and that it still supports the main objective – creating practical clothes suitable for every moment in our lives. 

As the hot days quickly approach us, Sleeper’s summer collection receives even more attention. However, there is also another reason, besides its relevance – unique designs and high-quality execution. Of course, with the summer dress being the go-to outfit during the hot season, Sleeper couldn’t just leave its collection with only one dress option. That’s one of the appeals of this line – you will find a lot of different fits and silhouettes here. Notice that as these are summer clothes, they are all made of natural materials, specifically 100% natural linen. It is breathable, machine washable, and can be dried out by air, making it a perfect solution even if you are planning on going somewhere and packing a couple of outfits with you. Besides, even if it gets a bit crumpled, it won’t ruin the whole look because linen itself naturally creases. 

The Highlights of the Collection

Sleeper women’s clothing is just a true hymn to versatility and diversity. Nevertheless, some items have gained the status of the most beloved pieces. For example, the Loungewear dress – is one of the iconic classic designs. The button-up free-fit one-sized dress has conquered the hearts of many women. It is a perfect dress to lay at home in bed all day, as well as to go out for brunch with friends. 

Another popular design is the Belle linen dress. The puffed sleeves, shirred corset-like supportive bodice, and flowy skirt give this dress a princess-like silhouette. It also comes with a matching hairband for those who like to add thoughtful details to their looks. Besides, there is a wide variety of colors too: pink, blue, navy, lavender, lime, pink or blue Vichy, and even white with the garden rose patterns. There is truly a choice for every taste. There are also some other dresses included in the line too, such as the Picnic dress and Brigitte midi and maxi dresses. 

However, if you weren’t particularly looking for a dress, there are also other best selling clothing options. Another beloved piece, for instance, is a Rumba linen suit. The set comes with a tie-front long-sleeved shirt and linen trousers with ruffled cuffs and has numerous color options too. And if you are a fan of shorts then a linen lounge suit should be your choice. There are also a lot of swimwear options: the Ariel design with ruffles comes as a swimsuit or a bikini set as well. There is also an Opera design that, besides the bikini option, offers the set with bicycle shorts. Moreover, you can also find different shoe options too. From Aristocrat satin ballet flats to Macaroni strappy sandals – there’s everything you could need for a complete sophisticated summer look.

The Sleeper’s Secret Behind the Best Selling Clothing

The reason why the Sleeper’s summer collection, as well as basically any other collection of this brand, or a similar one, succeeds in their endeavors is that behind the fashion idea they also have a social one. Sleeper’s fashion idea is in spreading practicality and comfort in clothes while still ensuring the elegance and style of the outfits. And the social idea behind the brand is to spread the idea of clothes as a means of self-love, self-care, and self-expression. That’s why the brand’s designs are so versatile that they can even be mix-and-matched with any other clothing item of your choice. This also allows for an expression of a unique perception of style. And, of course, the high quality of the materials and execution of the products add up to this fashion and socially-induced popularity as well.

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