Some Facts About The Persian Cats

Persian Cats

If you are a cat lover, you definitely have researched the Persian cat. They are easily recognisable due to their luxurious and long coats along with big expressive eyes. Persian cats are one of the most reputed cat breeds across the world. As per CFA or Cat Fanciers Association, this is the fourth registered breed in the world. 

So, if you are willing to pet or domesticate a Persian cat, today we will find out the top fun facts about this furry companion.

Persian cats are possibly from Persia: 

Even though the exact origin of Persian cats is still not available, it is believed that they came to Europe in countries with Middle East traders. They were first brought to England with the Middle East traders in the 1800s. The two well-known cats were Persian and Angoras. 

These are the long-haired species that are known for their impeccable look, which can easily attract cat lovers. The Persian cat was immediately able to attract lovers with its exotic look. So, looking at the current information, it is easy to derive that the Persian cats are initially from Iran.

They are the old school pedigreed cat:

The Persian cat breeds were first seen in the 19th century. It is a breed that could actually be seen in the world’s first cat show, which was held in 1871 in London’s Crystal Palace. After that, it could easily reach people from different parts of the world, and soon it arrived in the US in the year 1875.

With the increasing demand, the cat breeding houses also started increasing in the 20th century. Due to the significant number of cat lovers showing up in the countries, more and more leaders came up with the variation. This is why in recent times, you will find both doll shaped Persian cats along with flat face Persian cats.

Their hairs are the biggest reason for popularity: 

Persian cats are among the breeds which have taken long hair, where the individual hairs can have a length of around 4 to 6 inches. They are available in a broad spectrum of colours, from solid to wild to snowy white to multiple tone combinations. Their hairs or probably the very first reason why Persian cats could easily reach so many hearts at a lesser time.

After their hair comes to their face. Unlike Siamese or Egyptian cats that come with long sleek noses, Persian cats have open faces with flat noses that look like a button. Apart from that, the rich coloured eyes are one of the most expressive things that they have in their facial appearance.

Persian cats are lazy and friendly:

Persian cats are mostly known for their good looks. But apart from that, we cannot ignore their friendly nature. They can easily gel up with kids and other pets in your house. Most importantly, they are a lazy breed who can stay on your couch for hours. You won’t find them running or jumping around like other breeds.

Since they are exceptionally lazy in nature, you can still leave them at your home but make sure that you have someone to keep an eye on them. Apart from that, since they are very lazy in nature, you have to ensure that you give them more toys to keep them active and so that they can stay away from several health issues.

Persian cats requires a lot of combing: 

As you have already known that their hairs are one of the biggest reasons for having such worldwide popularity hence it is inevitable that they require regular combing. You have to make sure that you don’t forget to comb them on a regular basis if you want to maintain them properly and get rid of matting.

Apart from this, they also require a lot of grooming needs to ensure their looks. If you are new to buying a Persian cat, you can choose the best groomer around you who can help you. But with time, hopefully, it will become easier for you to do it on your own.

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