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If you are a fan of Jenni Rivera they must be searching for the Informa on about all the people linked to hearing. When you talk about her, how can you forget her ex-husband trino marin?

Ex-celebrity spouses are a few of the most famous people globally today. Trino Marin, for example, drew the attention of the media once he was connected to Jenni Rivera. Marin was her first husband of the American singer and the father of Jenni’s first three children. What to learn more about him? If yes, then you are on the right page. We have collected some exciting and mesmerising facts about Trino.

Where is Jenno’s Ex-husband Trino? Is he in prison? But why? Whae is he hulity for? Marin was shamefaced of sexual attack and rape. Because of it, he got public hate criticism. It’s just the beginning. We have more juicy and catchy gossip regarding him.

trino marin profile

So before diving into further information, let us study his profile. How was he from where he came from, and much more?

His full name is José Trinidad Marín, and his family and friend called him TRINO.  he is male, and on 15th FEB 1964, he was born in MEXICO. Hence his nationality is MEXICAN-AMERICAN. Currently, he is 58 years old, and his birth sign is Aquarius. He has black hair and eyes colours.

He is not much tall and has 5 feet and 10 inches high, and sexually, he is straight. If you study his marital status, he is divorced and has children. He is also th former manager of a restaurant.

Jose Marin Biography

Trino Marin is José Trinidad Marin’s real name. He was born on February 15, 1964, in California, USA. Trino is well-known by his given name. Jose is also from a Christian family and has a combined ancestry. Jose Trinidad was an unknown name in the public before marrying Jenni Rivera (ex-wife). Jenni is well-known in the media for her acting, songwriting, and singing abilities.

After being in a relationship, the couple decided to keep their lives private. As a result, there is very little information about the couple on the internet. Jose Trinidad met Jenni Rivera for the first time in high school, when she was only a teenager.

Trino Marin worked as an administrator in a Mexican-American café before marrying Jenni Rivera. Jose Trinidad Marin’s professional career provided him with his sole source of income. Jose is originally from Mexico, and he holds an American-Mexican passport. Trino was raised in Mexico by his parents before moving completely to the U.s. The precise date of his resettlement to United states is unknown.

Some Mind-Blowing facts about the Trino Marin

So, now fasten your belts because we will take the flight to the lands of facts and information about Trnino Marin. How did he become so famous and a public figure? It happened after he got married to the Famous American singer Jenni (late). But in 2021, she has met an air crash while his ex-spouse was serving the jail term of 1 year. Following are some facts to know about Trino in person. Are you set?

Trino has American- Mexican Citizenship.

IN Maxico Marin was born on 1964 and had American nationality. Indeed, he was born in Mexico, but he shifted to the USA with his mother and father. So what does it mean it feels that he has American $ Mexican Nationality.

He never shared enough information about his mother and father as far as his family. So you cannot tell much more about his sibling and parents. But professionally, he worked as a manager!

He Married at the age of 20

He married the singer when he was  just 20 years. He is ex-spouce of the late singer. He got fame due to his knot Jeneno Rivers. She was a famous American singer, actress, songwriter, spokesperson and whatnot.

When both of them were in school, when fell in lovegot married in 1984. At that moment, Jenni and Marin were young, he was 20 years old, and Jenni was just 15. They have three lovely kids;  one son named Micheal and 2 Daughters named Jacquie an s Chisquis.

But in 1992, they decided to end their marriage and asked for divorce. Jenni was the one who filled for it. Jenni stated Marin abused her emotionally and physically.

He was guilty of sexual assault and abuse.

Trino was found guilty of sexual abuse.

A brutal crime executed by Marin was found many years after Trino’s wife Jenni divorced him. So, In 1997, the fact materialised that Trino had sexually used his Rosie, sister-in-law. His crime did not tend here because Marin had also abused his two daughters, Jacquie and Chiquis.

What occurred to Trino? After listening to the horrible news, Jenni instantly filed a protest against Jenni’s ex-husband. The court hailed him, but he escaped and labelled him a criminal. It  is much to know about him. He altered his individuality and started a new life: Riverside County.

The ex Jenni’s husband was captured in 2006. He was then declared guilty of abuse and sexual assault. He was punished to thirty-one years imprisonment. Where is he now?

Now he is in prison and serving a sentence.

He keeps an exemplary connection with his kids. Despite the horribleness he made to the family, MARIN and his 3 kids are on reasonable terms. During Trino’s conviction, the whole family was there. Th Chiquis, whom he attacked, stated that she adores Trino and forgives Marin. Is not it surprising? Wait, we have more.

When Chiquis, his daughter, got wedded to Lorenzo, Marin called Chiquis from prison. Do you know, in 2017, Trino younger daughter, met him? So, she took photos with her father (Marin) and verified that she and Chiquis had pardoned him.


José Trinidad Marn was convicted and sentenced to 31 years in jail in 2007 for abusing his two daughters and sister-in-law. According to Deputy District Attorney Mark Burnley, the sentence was for eight felonies, including lewd acts with a minor, continuous sexual abuse, and aggravated sexual assault on a minor.

According to Javier Ceriani, a journalist, Trino Marn could be released from prison much sooner than expected. Despite the gravity of his charges and the fact that the crime he committed is one of the most serious in the country, Jenni Rivera’s ex-sentence husband’s is expected to be reduced due to his good behaviour.

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