Some Unavoidable Mistakes While Logo Designing

Logo Designing

Maybe you’re not a designer if you think logo design is simple. Designing a beautiful and functional logo is a challenging creative task even for the most experienced professionals. It is a time-consuming process that involves extensive research, knowledge, and planning. Even an experienced designer can make mistakes. 

Minor mistakes and blunders can easily undermine the logo design process and final product without you even realizing it. If your logo looks unfamiliar, so will your company. Trends come and go, eventually becoming clichés. If we avoid current design trends, then a good design logo can be made.

The dreaded “company swoosh”, the perfect way to play it safe in logo design, is the biggest cliché. Since your goal as a logo designer is to create a distinctive brand for your client, it is best to ignore logo design trends altogether. 

This move not only changed the brand image of Apple but also conveyed the company’s future philosophy. You use them to differentiate your company from the competition, capture the attention of your audience, and act as a symbol of brand dedication.

What Is The Importance Of Logo Design?

Logo Design is important because the logo can grab the attention of the viewers quickly and represent the core principles of the company attractively. If you have a strong slogan to speak for your company, a short attention span you know, a slogan that prompts consumers to judge your organization based on its appearance can work in your favor.

Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Logo Designing

Whatever the cost, avoid these 8 logo design mistakes

  1. Poor font selection

The perfect typeface may make or break a design when it comes to developing a good logo. Using too many fonts will make your brand look dumb or amateurish. It is not uncommon for a logo to fail due to poor font selection. 

Every company has its personality, and typefaces are no exception. For the branding of your company, you must select the appropriate font personality. 

A hand-drawn font versus a serious and bold font, for example, will have a different tone and express different features. Spend some time researching different fonts that fit your company’s aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fonts and modify them to suit your needs.

  1. Colors that contrast

Getting the right color balance in your logo is as important as getting the right typography. Your logo will appear inappropriate and unsophisticated if the colors do not match your company’s message or the color combination does not work. 

The simplest way to avoid this problem is to avoid using colors at all. This does not mean that your logo should be colorless, but it is a good idea to start with black and white. It’s time to add color when you’ve developed a great concept and design.

  1. Improper use of containers

Containers, you see, are a great way to put text in context. However, you must strike an appropriate balance. If your logo is too large, the extra space will overwhelm your logo content. If your logo is too small, it will be packed in a box. Likewise, defining the incorrect container style detracts from your logo.

  1. Copied, stolen, or stolen someone else’s logo

On the other hand, the customer loses a large amount of money. Not only do they face legal repercussions by using a stolen logo, but they also risk losing money, time, and their reputation.

  1. Take advantage of bitmaps

Another fatal mistake that logo designers make is using bitmap graphics to create logos. The disadvantage of using design bitmaps is that they cannot be scaled to any size. Bitmaps are made up of pixels, and resizing them to different sizes will distort the image or greatly affect the quality of the logo.

  1. Element’s collision

A smaller-looking company name will not match well with a larger icon. If you are using a cursive font, avoid using a brand name consisting of all capital letters. Keep the color palette clean and basic if your logo icon is more complex. Flat, non-gloss colors can help create a unified design if your logo looks sharper and more angular.

  1. Multiple characters for one logo

Another common mistake is the use of multiple fonts in a logo. Many graphic designers think that a logo that includes many typefaces is attractive and attractive. This is not true. On the other hand, a logo with various typeface shapes looks amateurish. As a result, logo designers must include font or typefaces in their work.

  1. Forget about re-checking your logo design

Designers often forget to check their designs, which leads to logo misspellings. If your developed logo is misspelled, it will give a bad impression of your company, no matter how attractive, creative or memorable it is. As a result, designers must correct their logos at all times.


If you designed your next logo with the above blunders in mind, you will never look back on your career as a logo designer. Who knows, you could just create the next great logo to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Allow yourself to be inspired. Happy design! You can reorganize and diversify the format in many ways while keeping each version consistent.

Design is about conceptually justifying every decision you make. While it may be tempting to overload your logo with ten shapes, fifteen typefaces, three containers, and every color in the rainbow, this won’t give your customers the idea that you’re in charge.

Learning the basics of logo design helps you effectively break the rules when necessary. Until then, keep the basics to avoid logo blunders.

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