Stay forever young and alive with the practice of “Refreshing the Brain”

It is known that brain care is an investment in overall health. And it is good prevention of all diseases. The main principles are good nutrition, detoxification, exposure to enough sunlight and good sleep.

According to the latest research conducted in the most renowned scientific institutions in the world, the health of the brain and the development of its various diseases depends a lot on what happens in the gut. This is the so-called internal ecology of the body, which includes various microorganisms that inhabit the intestines, especially various bacteria.

Getting rid of toxins is also very important. The detrimental effect they have on the brain makes detoxification an important step in optimizing brain function.

It is also important not to replace natural light sources with artificial ones. Because the mitochondria that produce the energy that nourishes us do not tolerate artificial light well – they have evolved into different light and only recognize it.

Sleep is the other important aspect. Interestingly, when we sleep, brain cells shrink by almost 60 percent, which facilitates the circulation of fluids in the tissues. After cleaning, the cells return to their normal size. All this contraction, expansion and pumping of fluid is also done by the mitochondria. This means that if they work effectively, then the cleansing will be faster, the better the lymphatic system will function and the better sleep will be.


Do you wake up tired in the morning?

Don’t have energy for anything? Wondering how you will cope with all the tasks ahead of the day? If the answer is yes, then why not try the wonderful brain-refreshing practices described in the book Pure Consciousness, presented by

It is an absolutely free book that anyone can download, read and take advantage of all the valuable advice the author gives. In it you will find invaluable inner practices with which you can completely change your life, know happiness, feel winged, healthy and strong!

According to the author’s observations, the practice of refreshing the brain can have a stronger effect even than caffeine and nicotine. Learn the main internal “tools” for this practice, how to perform it and how to influence your brain so that it becomes your ally.

The book “Pure Consciousness” provides answers to many questions that we all often ask ourselves in our lives. It will become your indispensable ally and helper in building a happier future in a favorable reality.

The keys to achieving all this are in ourselves, we just have to turn to ourselves and find them. And then there will be no unsolved problems, there will be no fear, pain and other negative emotions, even if now they are so strong in us that they suffocate us.

Following the detailed steps for the implementation of various practices, each of us has the chance to change his life and enjoy every day of it!

Described in accessible language, these practices can be performed wherever and whenever you want. You just have to want to take the new path – the path to inner self-knowledge and happiness!

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