Step-By-Step Guide for Interior House Demolition

You might have high expectations from your home reconstruction projects and

those plans necessitate a fresh start where the first step is to demolish the

interior. Whether you want to touch up your kitchen or redesign your entire

property, interior house demolition provides an opportunity to create the home

of your dreams.

House demolition could be a huge venture or a simple task based on your

imagination and needs.

The following are some of the most common interior demolition projects:

  • Removing drawers and shelves
  • Removing non-load-bearing structures
  • Floor removal
  • Appliance(s) removal

While some interior demolition tasks are easier than others, and you can perform

them with several devices and an appropriate mindset, others necessitate a high

degree of skill and prior experience and, therefore, be left to a professional demolition company in Melbourne.

However, house demolition is relatively simple; it still becomes daunting for

beginners. Fear not if the idea of tearing down a house makes you terrified.

Our interior house demolition guide covers all you need to know, from licenses to

deconstruction costs and how to decide if you should do it yourself or hire a

professional contractor.

Option 1- Hire a Professional Demolition Contractor:

Hiring professional demolition contractors to do your interior house demolition

seems the best option. With so much involved in the demolition process, it’s

almost hard to predict what you might find after removing the cabinets or

knocking down the wall.

Examine company portfolios, read certified customer feedback, and get contact

details of agencies that you’d want to obtain a quote.

Option 2- DIY:

Whether you wish to modify a single room or completely demolish your property,

interior demolition isn’t always as effortless as smashing a wall with a hammer.

Interior demolition requires knowledge and skill to remove different interior

items without causing harm to the ceilings, floors, framework, devices, etc.


  • Remove the old dresser from the bathroom.
  • Remove kitchen shelves
  • Remove a non-load-bearing wall that has no electrical or plumbing connections.

You can perform all these tasks with a few basic types of equipment such as ever

bars, nail hammers, pliers, or a rotary blade.


  • Removing any devices connected to electricity or plumbing unless you have
  • prior knowledge.
  • Removing anything in the presence of asbestos.
  • Eliminating a load-bearing-wall.
  • Removing a non-load bearing wall if you are doubtful about drainage and power facilities in your home.

Do You Need an Interior Demolition Permit?

Like exterior demolition, most localities require a license for interior destruction.

You can acquire the permits from your local Buildings Department and are just a

way of stating that you will:

  • Turn off all appliances.
  • Ensure there is no running water into the house and that neighbours are aware of the planned destruction.

If you hire a contractor to handle your demolition, they’ll likely obtain the

required permits for you, but don’t take their word for it and always check with


Tip: It’s always a good idea to post your permit on your front door after you get it.

Any passing neighbours will be aware that you are lawfully performing the

demolition process.

Note: you’ll most likely need separate permission to remove any asbestos present

in your home.

What is The Cost of Interior Demolition?

The scale and complexity of the task will influence the overall cost of interior

house demolition. However, we can estimate how much similar projects will cost

by looking at what clients have paid in the past for the demolition services.

A household interior demolition project can cost anywhere between $2,000 and

$4,000. You’ll only have to pay for the tools and a container for cleanup if you

demolish yourself.

How Can You Manage and Clear the Waste?

There will be a lot of mess after you complete the demolition process. The easiest

way to get rid of it is to rent a dumpster. Roll-off dumpster rentals are the secret

weapon for clearing the debris. They also serve as a catchall for other items

you’ve wanted to get rid of for years.

These containers come in sizes ranging from 10 to 40 yards, making it easy to

choose the right one for your project.

Tip: Rent a dumpster before beginning your project. It will be easier to keep dirt,

dust, and grime out of your workspace (and the rest of your home).

Choose the Best Demolition Method for Your Needs:

There are several ways to demolish a house, so the first thing on your to-do list is

to figure out which method is ideal for you.

1. Mechanical Demolition:

The process of tearing down a house with hydraulic excavators and other heavy

equipment is the most typical type of demolition. After that, the debris is carried

away by trucks or dumpsters.

Mechanical demolition is the least expensive and most convenient option,

costing, on average, $4,000 and $14,000.

2. Deconstruction:

Deconstruction, commonly known as “demolition by hand,” is carefully removing

and dismantling a house one by one to secure as many resources as possible.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, deconstruction activities can

recover or reuse more than 70% of building components such as hardwood,

beams, gates, frames, etc. The interior demolition experts can also extract and

recycle the doors, light fittings, basins, bathtubs, copper tubing, glass panels, etc.

Since there is an increased amount of labour involved in the deconstruction

process, you might have to pay 2 to 3 times more than you would in the case of

mechanical demolition.

3. Combination of Deconstruction and Demolition:

Combining deconstruction and demolition is the most widely recommended

demolition process. This method includes going through the house and recovering

a percentage of the reusable materials before dismantling them.

After collecting all salvageable and reusable materials, you can demolish the

remaining structure and transport the debris away.

This method is an excellent option for individuals who desire an effective, cost-effective, and ecologically friendly demolition process.

We at MERHI GROUP have skilled and qualified demolition professionals who can

assist you with every step of your project to ensure it works smoothly. Call us for

a free quote or to discuss your requirements.

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