Step by step guide to becoming a pet carer

Have you ever considered working as a pet carer? Snuggling dogs all day, taking them on walks, showering them with gifts, and messaging their pet parents’ images of them nestled up at night all seem like a lot of fun. Maybe you’d want to give it a go, or maybe you’ve already done it for a few of friends but want to take it to the next level.

You’re a big fan of animals with fur. You like being among animals. Here are the steps that you can follow to become a pet carer.

Figure out what exactly you want to do as a pet carer

So, you like working with animals and caring for them, but what do you want to do professionally? Before you begin, you must first decide on the area you want to concentrate in. Don’t worry, there are a few solutions available.

You may try walking dogs if you like walking and want to do something a bit more energetic. Walking dogs offers a lot of advantages, such as getting some additional sunlight and taking a pleasant stroll in the park. If walking isn’t your thing and you’d rather spend more time with animals one-on-one, you may want to pursue dog training. This would be ideal for someone with a lot of patience and a strong desire to help pets.

Are you unsure if training or walking is right for you? You may consider pet sitting or pet grooming. You may go to your client’s house and keep an eye on their pet and home, or you could have them come to your house to groom them. Whatever you select, you will undoubtedly like it.

Get your certifications

When beginning a company, it’s crucial to understand what certifications and licenses are required. You can’t just leap in with your head held high. Although not all pet-care occupations need certification, the majority do. Check out this list from the State Labor Office to determine what certifications and/or permissions are necessary in your area. Keep in mind that these certificates and permissions must also be kept up to date. Having a current and relevant certification might also help you promote yourself.

Have a solid business plan

You’ve selected what you want to do and have all of your certificates in order. What comes next? The key to success is to have a business strategy. You’ll have to make numerous decisions. What will the name of your new company be? What do you charge for your services? What services do you provide? Do you intend to create a website? Who will be in charge of your finances?

These are just a handful of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself when you prepare your company strategy. Consider what resources are available to you or anybody you know who may assist you in getting your new company off the ground. It’s also worth looking into franchising. Many viable pet franchises will provide resources and training with the added bonus of an existing customer base.

Get your license and insurance

You’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out on this one. Insurance is essential for any new business. If you don’t have insurance, you may be forced to pay for any incidents yourself.

If a pet causes damage or is injured while under your supervision, having an insurance policy in place may protect you from any legal action. For example, a dog might jump up and destroy an expensive object belonging to the dog’s owner while you’re pet sitting. This might lead to a lawsuit. Perhaps you’re walking your dogs and one of the dogs’ leashes comes undone, causing the dog to bolt.

A lawsuit might be filed by the owner. If you mistakenly cut a pet’s nails too short while grooming it, the owner may pursue legal action. There is a slew of other potential claims, so the most essential thing is to make sure you’re informed on the risks and that your company is properly insured.

The Pet Practice says pet groomers, sitters, trainers, walkers, and even pooper scoopers are covered under Pet Care Insurance. It costs just $139 per year and might save you a lot of money in the long run. For each event, the general liability coverage has a $1 million maximum. You can buy a policy in under ten minutes, and you may talk to a Pet Care Insurance representative right now if you have any questions.

Have a proper contract to sign with clients

The terms of service agreements for the relationship between the customer and you, the service provider, are spelled out in detail in a contract. A contract spells out everything about your service, including price, cancellation terms, payment choices, damages, and veterinary conditions, among other things. Before you start working for a new customer, be sure you have a signature. You’ll be glad you have a written contract to refer to if something goes wrong down the line.

Promote your business

You’ve nearly finished your preparations; all that remains is to publicize your new venture. Create your own website using a unique domain name as a starting point. Simply do a domain name search and, if it is available, acquire it online. Today, having a social media presence is crucial. On your preferred social media site, you may perform a lot of networking and marketing. Consider distributing fliers across the city and having business cards with you at all times. If you drive a commercial car, you might also place stickers on it to promote your business. Don’t be afraid to say it! You’ve put in a lot of effort and now want to show off your company and your abilities.

Final words

Now you know the steps to follow and become a pet carer. Joining a pet sitting service group, such as Pet Sitters International, is also a good idea. They can not only teach you about pet care and business, but they can also supply you with group-rate pet sitter insurance and bonding. They may also assist you with contract negotiations, networking, and advertising.

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