Step-By-Step Guide To Switch Text To speech Voice On TikTok

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In recent times, the text-to-speech feature is becoming a popular feature on TikTok. First, TikTok’s text-to-speech was available only in a male voice version. But now, after May 2021, TikTok updated its text-to-speech feature with female voices. In addition, there are several features you can choose from on the TikTok platform. Hence, you can even switch your text-to-speech on the TikTok videos.

Fun Fact: Why should you use text-to-speech features on your TikTok videos? It is because including text-to-speech is an ideal option that makes your TikTok more accessible to a massive audience base. Another benefit is that TikTok’s text-to-speech enhances video accessibility among followers with visual impairments. So if you plan to expand your video reach among your new followers, you can start to create trending videos. Meanwhile, if you still wish to go viral, then try to buy tiktok likes where you can get organic engagement.

Again coming back to the TikTok text-to-speech voices and its features. Read ahead, TikTok had a default voice, yet now you can pick anything from multiple voices. In addition, every voice has unique names like Eddie, Taylor, Joey, and Alex. Thus, here is a complete guide on switching your text-to-speech voice on your TikTok videos.

Step-By-Step Guide To Switch Text To Speech Voice On TikTok

Are you a budding TikTok user who doesn’t have an idea to switch your text-to-speech voice? If so, don’t worry; here, you have got complete steps to change your voice for your TikTok videos.

Step 1: Update The TikTok App

First, ensure your TikTok app is updated to the recent version as the new features are sometimes not available on the older versions.

Step 2: Open TikTok App

Now open the TikTok app from the app menu bar.

Step 3: Record A TikTok Video

Click and hold the red circle icon in the middle to record the video.

Step 4: Click The Checkmark

After completing your TikTok video recording, click the checkmark on the lower right corner.

Step 5: Click The Text Button

Press the text icon at the bottom of the TikTok screen with A

Step 6: Enter Your Text

Type the text that you need to checkout. Yet, always remember that the text must be lengthy.

Step 7: Click Done

Now, click on Done in the upper right-hand corner, where you can add a customized text box on the video.

Step 8: Click Text On Video

When you click the input text on the TikTok video, it offers you the three choices, Text-to-speech, Establish, Duration, and Edit option.

Step 9: Select Your Text-To-Speech

Now choose the text-to-speech option where TikTok AI will read your text out over the video. Also, you can set the duration of the text and edit the text if you need to.

Step 10: Share Your TikTok Video

You can click on the Next button to share your TikTok videos.

Step 11: Post The TikTok Videos

After adding compelling captions and hashtags, you can directly click on the Post button below to share on the TikTok app. If you are entering TikTok for the first time, start posting trending content. Next, practice content marketing methods like cross-promotion, influencer marketing, and hashtag challenges. Besides, you can even try Trollishly, where you can reach huge followers.

How To Include Multiple Text-To-Speech Voices On TikTok?

The recent update on TikTok’s multiple text-to-speech voices will encourage users to try it. Thus, the multiple text-to-speech features on TikTok may even drive engagement right now. Now, you can switch the text-to-speech voice by using online voice generator tools or video editing apps outside the TikTok videos.

How To Utilize Text-To-Speech On iOS Device For TikTok?

It is generally the same feature to use text-to-speech on iOS and Android smartphone devices for TikTok. Besides, you can employ the Siri function on iOS devices. So, there are a few steps to follow on the iOS device to switch your text-to-speech with the Siri feature.

Step1: First, open your TikTok app on an iOS device.

Step 2: Click on the ‘+’ button to add your new TikTok video.

Step 3: Click and hold the red circle at the bottom center of the screen to record your TikTok video. And hit the checkmark on the bottom right.

Step 4: Now, click the text button from below and enter the text on the TikTok screen.

Step 5: A pop-up menu will display the Text-to-speech choice when you click on the text. Next, click on it.

Step 6: Now, click on the Next and save the video on your smartphone.

Step 7: Now open Settings from your app menu on your iOS device.

Step 8: Scroll down, choose the Accessibility option, and then Spoken content.

Step 9: Now, switch on the Speak Selection option and then open the Notes app on iOS. Next, search for the text you need on your TikTok videos.

Step 10: Open the recording tool and begin your text-to-speech conversion recording. Again go to the Notes app and choose your text.

Step 11: Click the Speak option on the Notes app below the text chosen.

Step 12: After completing your reading, stop the recording from the recording tools on TikTok.

Step 13: Lastly, go to the TikTok profile and post your recording.


In conclusion, I hope you learned something new from this article. As a result, you know these step-by-step guides will help you to switch your Text-To-Speech voice on TikTok. If you need to try something new on your TikTok profile, then try to post trending content.

If you need to reach younger audiences, you can try Trollishly, as it helps acquire new potential followers.

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