Strength training exercises for women over 50


As we age, the need for exercise increases, especially in women. As they hit menopause, there body undergoes hormonal changes that makes the state of their bones especially vulnerable. As they lose out on their bone mass, their risk of osteoporosis starts. 

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones start to become weaker, due to the loss in bone density. This makes the bones susceptible to breaking rather easily. 

With an aging body, the process of healing is also slower. Some people, after having the issue sorted, might also then need help from their Physiotherapist in Karachi for rehabilitation as well. 

If you exercise, however, the chances of osteoporosis decrease. Moreover, exercise also helps in improving muscle mass as well. The stronger your muscles are, the easier it is for you to move. It also aids in preventing aches and pains around the body. 

Similarly, exercise is also important for lowering the risk of heart disease. Everyone should be careful about their heart health, but as heart disease disproportionately affects older people, therefore, seniors need to be extra diligent about exercising. 

Exercise is also effective for preventing weight gain, and thus helps in countering obesity. Due to the hormonal changes, weight might be a sore point with many women. Controlling obesity also then helps in curbing the risk of obesity-induced chronic issues. 

Furthermore, exercise also helps in moderating blood sugar levels, due to which diabetics or prediabetics must exercise. 

Strength training exercises

Strength training exercises are especially important since they help in building muscle mass, which in turn also makes the bones stronger. Since the predominant risk is that of osteoporosis and resultant complications, addressing them is vital for women. Some exercises to try in this endeavor include:


Planks are a real test of endurance. These utilize just the body weight to make your muscles stronger. These not only make your upper arms stronger, but since planks involve the core, so also work the muscles of the abs as well. 

For planks, lay face down on the floor. Then, lift your body up, with just your toes and hands planted firmly onto the floor. You can also do forearm plants, in which rather than resting your weight on just the hands, rest on the elbows.

Hold the pose for a few seconds. 

Seated front shoulder raises

You will be needing weights and a chair for this exercise. To do it, sit up straight in your chair, with the weights resting in your hands. Then, lift your arms straight in front of you, till they’re parallel with the floor. Do around 10 reps.  

Shoulder overhead press

The purpose of this exercise is to make your arms and back stronger. To do it, stand up straight with your hips slightly apart. You should be carrying dumbbells or any other weight in your hands that should be resting by your sides initially. 

Then, lift your arms up over your head. Hold for a few and bring them back down again. Repeat till possible for you. 


Squats help in targeting the major set of muscles in your body, including the glutes, hamstrings, and your quads. 

To do squats, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then, bend your knees, as if you are trying to sit. Try to channel your weight through your heels. After holding the pose for a few, stand up straight. Do as many reps as you are comfortable doing. 


You can also use weights with your exercise routine. Apart from lifting weights, you can also carry them when walking or doing lunges as well. 

Word of caution 

When doing the exercises, be safe. Try not to push your body to more than it can take. Slowly build your stamina up as well. Also, in case you sustain any injury, immediately visit your doctor at Evercare Hospital

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