Super Cute Looks with Coi Leray Braids

Coi Leray Braids

The Best Variations of Coi Leray Braids You Can Rock Today

Coi Leray braids are simply are a maxi type of braid that is knotless at the end, with a signature at the middle and a few tendrils that make them stylish. They are made using a dozen of braids in order to give them the jumbo look. Leray braids can be curly at the end and they have to be neatly made for an elegant finishing. 

The biggest advantage of rocking Leray braids is that they can be paired with any outfit be it a formal or casual look. The following is a step procedure on how to make Coi Leray braids;


You need to gather a few tools that will be used in the entire process. Some of the items that you need are;

  • A comb
  • Braiding oil
  • Braiding hair
  • Perm rods
  • Towel 
  • Hot water
  1. Separation 

Use a comb to section your hair beginning from the back towards the front. Oil the scalp in the sectioned area for neat results. Separate your hair into three large sections combing each section thoroughly to remove knots and tangled hair.

  1. Braiding 

Start off by braiding your real hair before you add the braiding hair. This ensures that knots are eliminated and that your braids are neat. Add enough braiding hair to your hair to attain the size of braid that you want.

  1. Make Curls

Deep the ends of your braided hair in hot water and dry using a towel. Neaten your edges using gel or a moisturizer then use the perm rod to keep your hair in shape.

There are a few ways to rock your Coi Leray braids. The following are some of the ways you can wear your Coi braids;

  1. Coi Leray Braids With Curly Ends

This is the original look of these braids. It is made using six to twelve braids for a good thickness and is usually braided three to four times the length of the hair. The end of the hair is curled using perm rods or curling gel.

Coi Braids With Curls

If you are a fan of curls, you can definitely add them to these braids. Spice up your braids by adding curly synthetic hair to hang loosely on your braids. The synthetic hair is fixed at the length of your preference.

Coi Leray Braids With Beads

If you want to pull out a traditional look with these braids, then the addition of beads is an excellent option. Beads never really go wrong with braids. Slip beads of your favorite color at the ends of the braids. The beads can be on all braids or just a few.

Coi Leray Box Braids

Box style is one of the oldest braiding styles for women with fair complexion. This is a braiding style that brings out the neatness of your braids. Box braiding completely changes the appearance of your Coi Leray plaits making them entirely divine.

Knotless Coi-Leray Braids

Knots are usually very effective for braids. However, knotless braids have an elegant and stylish appearance. If you want to make the Coi Leray braids using your natural hair, then making them knotless creates a better illusion.

Jumbo Coi-Leray Braids

Making your braids extremely thick is one of the best ways to rock this style. The desired thickness is achieved by the use of six to twelve braiding hair. However, do not make a bulk, just make the thickness that you can pull off effortlessly.

Long Coi Leray Braids

You can choose to be unique by rocking extra-long braids. The extra-long braids boost your esteem and even change your appearance to that of a goddess. This style is very fashionable and unique.

Blonde Leray Braids

Rocking a blonde summer look on your braids is a very unique way of wearing the Coi Leray braids. This is more of a casual look than it is a formal look. It is an excellent look for a holiday on the beach, road trips, or even parties. It is one of the most unique ways of wearing these braids.

Source: How to Braid Hair

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