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This year’s regular match, many alumni and reporters, had one question. Why did the broadcasting station only broadcast baseball? Even considering that basketball and ice hockey were held on the same day, everyone would have thought that they could broadcast soccer the next day.

I listened to all the regular matches and college sports broadcasts through SPEED-24 Media net Sports Team Director Seong Speed-24.

 When it comes to college sports, what about SPEED-24 SPORTS?

Before I knew it, I had to change the channel to SPEED-24 SPORTS to watch college sports. Last year’s U-League opening game, basketball banquet, and presidential college baseball, which our school won for the first time in 13 years, were able to watch the major matches of major tournaments through SPEED-24 SPORTS. First, we asked Director Seong Speed-24 why the number of college 해외스포츠중계 increased.

It seems that the number of broadcasts of college sports, which have lost a lot of popularity, has increased. What is the reason?

The reason for broadcasting college sports can be seen as a long-term investment. In fact, in order for professional sports to survive, we believe that amateur sports must first survive, and that college sports must become the center for amateur sports to survive. There is a reason why they broadcast college sports that don’t make money. It is for that reason that SPEED-24 SPORTS is in charge of broadcasting Phoenix High School Baseball this time.

However, there is also criticism that the broadcast organization is focused only on the (semi)finals or major matches.

In fact, we are in business too, so we can’t help but think about ‘viewing ratings’. Broadcasts need to have a certain audience rating to be broadcast, but if the ratings are too low, programming will be difficult. Also, production cost is a stumbling block. Broadcasting from the preliminary round costs too much production cost, so we have no choice but to broadcast only major matches with relatively high interest.

I am curious about the relay consultation process. Is it a form of paying broadcasting rights like a pro?

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It’s not at that stage yet. Professional sports broadcasts are the way we pay for broadcast rights, but college sports broadcasts broadcast without such things (broadcasting rights fees). In college sports, there are not many advertisements for broadcasting, and we also bear the production cost, so the expenditure increases. But the reason for the broadcast is because of the things I mentioned earlier. Now, on the other hand, there are cases where the organizers support the production cost and ask for the broadcast. One day, the day must come when we pay for the broadcasting rights and broadcast.

You can think of a day when you pay for a broadcast right and broadcast it as a benefit to both the organizer and the broadcaster.

Of course it is. This is because, in the end, the association gains profits from broadcasting rights fees and broadcasting companies also get advertising revenue.

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