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Tech Data Limited

A quick look at the company’s key highlights will give you a good idea of what the firm has to offer. The company is a leading distributor of computer parts and software, and in 2005, they achieved $20 billion in sales. As a result, the company has risen three-hundred places on the FORTUNE 500 list and is now one of the largest IT distributors in the world.

The company began its growth in the late 1990s by organic means, but it was only in the late 1990s that it expanded its international operations. In 2000, Tech Data acquired a controlling interest in Macrotron AG, a $1 billion PC distributor based in Germany. A year later, Tech Data sold the company to Ingram Micro. The company’s future growth was accelerated by the acquisition of Macrotron, which was acquired by Ingram Micro.

During the early 1990s, the company began to expand its international operations. In 2001, it purchases 77 percent of Macrotron AG, a German PC distributor worth $1 billion. In the same year, it sells the company’s shares to Ingram Micro, which acquired it in the aftermath of a larger acquisition. In addition, it names Richard A. Hume as CEO and launches its B2B Sales Platform.

The company’s revenue grew 57 percent in its fiscal 1993, and its earnings were $30.2 million. In addition to its own products, Tech Data has added many major software companies to its portfolio. In January 1994, it completed the acquisition of Software Resource Inc., a small California-based firm that sold well-known software lines. In 1994, it also added WordPerfect Corporation and Borland International. In March, it acquired Softmart International, S.A., a French-based distributor of PC products.

Tech Data was founded in 1893 and was one of the first computer companies to sell software to the public. In the late nineteen-eighties, Tech Data started to expand its international operations through acquisitions. In 1996, it acquired Macrotron AG, a $1 billion German PC distributor. The following year, the company sold the company to Ingram Micro. The purchase of Macrotron AG allowed the company to grow internationally and improve its competitive position.

The company focuses on supplying electronic components and equipment. Its products include computers and hardware, cyber security software, memory cards, and printing supplies. It serves customers globally through its website, mobile phone sales, and distribution centers. In addition, the company has a B2B sales platform that offers a free trial. This service is available to any business that wants to learn more about Tech Data. This database allows you to discover the company’s history and present key players.

Despite being a technology reseller, Tech Data is a leading provider of IT products and services. With offices in Hong Kong and the U.S., the company has over 5,000 employees and sells software and hardware worldwide. Its services are essential for companies in the technology industry, and their expertise helps them grow in their markets. They have acquired more than 60 countries and territories around the world. If you’re looking for a reputable, fast-growing, and profitable global partner, you should consider Tech Data.

The company’s rapid growth is largely organic. In the mid-1990s, Tech Data bought a 77 percent stake in Macrotron AG, a $1 billion German PC distributor. The next year, the company sold its ownership to Ingram Micro, a PC-focused multinational conglomerate. These three acquisitions have allowed Tech Data to become one of the largest personal computer distributors in the world.

TECH DATA LIMITED aims to provide its customers with the best solutions for their technology needs. The company is an international distributor of computer parts and software, and has been around since 1931. The company has offices worldwide and has over 400 distributors in over 100 countries. Further, Tech Data has expanded internationally with acquisitions. In April 2017, the company bought Macrotron AG, a $1 billion PC distributor in Germany.

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