Tech Talk: What Is Included in Technical Support?

Did you know that 95% of customers prefer high-quality tech support more than speed?

This could be an issue if you have a support team that’s stretched too thin. They’ll rush through calls, leaving customers feeling like another number.

Outsourcing technical support could provide a solution to those problems. You do need to know what’s included in technical support before hiring professional technical support.

This guide has you covered. Read on to find out what’s included in tech support services and how to hire the right company.

What’s Included With Tech Support Services?

Tech support services have two different scenarios: internal tech support and external tech support. The types of services vary between them.

Internal tech support deals with tech support issues within your organization. If a printer doesn’t work, your employees won’t spend an hour of valuable time diagnosing and fixing the printer themselves.

They just contact tech support and they resolve the issue quickly. You could have your internal IT team handle these issues, but that pulls them away from development and other important projects.

This could also include fully managed IT services. In this case, you outsource infrastructure maintenance, cybersecurity, and you have someone in a consulting/CIO role.

They may offer 24/7 systems monitoring and tech support.  

External tech support functions like customer service. When your customers have technical issues with your product or service, they can contact your tech support team.

These services provide a vital service because this type of tech support is part of the customer experience. While they’re similar to customer service, they’re not the same.

Customer service provides support to customers and potential customers. They answer pre-sales questions, and follow-up to make sure customers are happy with the purchase.

Tech support only supports customers if they have problems with the product or service. Their expertise solves the problems as soon as possible.

How to Hire Tech Support Services

Outsourced technical support is a cost-effective and smart use of resources. In the end, you and your team can do more with less.

Your customer service team doesn’t need to have technical expertise. The IT team can devote time to important projects that keep the company moving forward.

If you’re going to outsource technical support, get recommendations for providers in your area. Prepare a list of questions.

Ask about the provider’s experience, included services, security expertise, and costs. Find out if the services are 24/7 and if they specialize in certain industries.

Outsourcing Technical Support

Technical support is an important part of your business as your staff and customers rely on technology to function. Of course, technology doesn’t always work as it should.

Technical support provides the expertise to resolve issues quickly and make your customers feel heard. If you do hire professional technical support, make sure you ask the right questions to hire the right provider.

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