The Advantages of Facial Recognition Access

Facial Recognition Access

Many new things can be helpful and good for all of us as our world becomes more technically advanced. This includes social media, particularly Facebook and YouTube, which some people use for their education, employment, and business. However, cyber theft by criminals is very rampant nowadays, which is also affecting the lives of many people. To mention one example, is a case wherein a person’s identity, privacy, as well as vital information were violated by canny cyber robbers. In these very crucial times, we cannot trust everybody, and we need to be very vigilant and always be on guard. With the help of facial recognition applications and access, we can prevent heinous crimes from happening. Getting robbed in certain homes or companies is related to this topic, but with the help of facial recognition access, you can prevent all of these criminal threats.

Facial recognition access  is a device made by Swiftlane that is commonly used at the front door of your house, but it can also be used at any door just like office doors, room doors, or any room that holds vital data that is very confidential. This device is so high-tech that all you have to do is simply stand in front of it and let it scan your face to confirm your identity and know if you are the homeowner. This gadget can serve as a replacement for your house key and is more effective at protecting your home from criminal threats. Using this device will help you ensure that your home is always strictly secured. In addition, this device is also useful and helpful to avoid direct exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses because utilizing it can reduce touchpoints, which is the most common mode of transmission for infectious diseases, which is an important consideration because we’re still in a pandemic.

If you’re keen to learn more, here are three additional advantages this device can offer you.

  1. Keep your house secured 24-7.

Due to its continued functioning even when there is no electricity, facial recognition access is a gadget that is very reliable in maintaining the safety and security of your home. In particular, once set on, this gadget is constantly operational, so if someone tries to forcibly enter or get inside your home without your knowledge, you will be alerted right away and the intruder will be refused entrance. This device will assist you in protecting your property by requiring a facial scan before the door can open. Furthermore, there is no need for house keys or other objects required for unlocking doors, which saves you the trouble of losing it.

  1. Simple to use

    This device is simple to operate. To utilize it properly, you simply need to take five steps. The first step is to install SwiftReader on your computer so that an extension may be added. Second, use the Swiftlane cloud dashboard to enroll personnel who will have access to your organization’s account. Third, configure and personalize each entrance’s door permissions. Fourth, users must download the mobile app, log in, and enroll in a brief facial scan before they may freely enjoy the experience of whole face and touchless access.
  1. It enhances medical care.

    As we all know, the goal of this new technology is to accurately identify your identity and acquire access to your critical information. The aforementioned technology is already being employed in the medical area thanks to the development of facial recognition. By simply scanning a photograph of the patient’s face, researchers are already able to diagnose rare disorders. Facial recognition in healthcare is an updated top-of-the-line best security application for confirming a patient’s identification and protecting medical information, and it enables doctors to securely share information with other medical specialists for faster patient recovery and care.


Swiftlane is ready to assist you if you want to keep your home safe and secure from criminal threats. Swiftlane gave you access to your home via facial recognition 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This technology not only keeps your home safe; it also has several advantages, such as being easy to use and improving medical treatment.

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