The Best Company Training Programs Available in India

Best Company Training

Training programs are essential to the growth of any company, especially in fields that require constant education and upkeep. That’s why these top-rated training programs are so helpful to your business’s development, as they provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to improve your company, whether it’s an established corporation or a newly founded startup. We’ve compiled lists of the top five training programs based on their popularity and rating, so it’s easy to find the one that will best benefit your company and allow you to grow in your field!

Google Summer of Code

The Google Summer of Code is a global program centered around bringing more student developers into open-source software development. Students work on a three-month programming project with an open-source organization during their break from school, and are paid a stipend by Google for their efforts. Many former participants continue working on their projects after GSoC has ended.

IBM Global Hackathon

Teams compete against each other in a 24-hour coding competition based on a specific topic, set by IBM. The top three teams will get to compete at IBM’s main global Hackathon event, where they could win $100,000 for their team! Apply for IBM Global Hackathon 2022 now! Registration ends April 10th.


An education platform that is completely free to sign up for. They have over 30 million learners and you can take any course for free with no limit on your time. They have a huge selection of topics ranging from software development, data science, game development and many other categories where they have partnered with top universities to offer some of their best courses online for free. You can earn certificates based on your performance at your own pace.

Udacity Nanodegree

Udacity offers some free courses online, but their paid online Nanodegree courses are quite competitive with prices ranging from $200 to $400. Udacity offers classes on information security. The information security nanodegree is particularly interesting for those looking to get into a Cyber Security training program after graduating college or university and moving straight into an internship or entry-level job.

AWS Step-Up

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a program, called Step-Up, which allows new partners to immediately gain access to a variety of additional AWS services at no charge. These include well-known AWS services such as Amazon RDS, Amazon ECS, and Elastic Load Balancing; other services are less familiar but can be incredibly useful for startups—for example, Trusted Advisor is an automated resource advisor that monitors available resources and issues alerts about potential service limits.

Bitstamp Hackathon Challenge

Bitstamp, one of Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, recently announced a hackathon challenge to ensure its security systems remain on point. The company will award 3 BTC for vulnerabilities found and reported during the event, which will be held Feb.


Programmers and software engineers are probably wondering how to upgrade their career goals by participating in company training programs. Here’s some good news for them – HackerEarth is providing a summer internship program with special certifications to make it easier for professionals to get started with.

Cyber Security CTF Challenges

CTFs or Capture The Flag is a type of Cyber Security training and competitions organized by companies to test their employees on their Cyber Security knowledge. CTFs are generally conducted over a specified period of time and everyone is allotted certain hours during which they can complete the tasks that are assigned to them. Most CTFs have online components as well, where participants have to solve various problems related to Cyber Security within a set time limit. Top teams get cash prizes and other rewards based on their performance.

Cyber Security Certifications

There’s no reason why a company wouldn’t want to provide its employees with cyber security training; it’s crucial for everyone from entry-level IT staff to upper management. A certification helps prove your experience and expertise in a particular field , thus making you more attractive to potential employers.


Keeping your online presence secure is an ever-evolving responsibility, and you’ll want to choose a cyber security training program that keeps pace with technology. Look for organizations offering full-time summer training in India and continuing education in various forms. These programs will help you stay abreast of new trends and threats so that your organization can avoid costly damages or data theft. Whether you are looking for basic protection, advanced defense strategies, or to become a certified expert in cyber security, there are many options available to you—and all are worth considering.

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