The Best Real Estate Podcasts for New Investors in 2022


It’s crucial to follow and accept practical advice from just an experienced investor if you want to maximize your passive income and riches from your real estate endeavors. Because you can listen to podcasts while performing chores around the home, running, or on your commute to work, they are simple to consume. Real estate may change rapidly, but podcasts allow you to stay current on recent trends.

Top 10 Podcasts 

1. Real Wealth Show: 

The provides insider knowledge about the world of passive real estate investment in this podcast while protecting her listeners from costly transaction blunders.

2. Lifetime Cashflow from Investing in Real Estate

It’s best to learn all there is to know about the real estate business from someone with substantial first-hand knowledge. For instance, Lifetime Cashflow’s host Rod Khleif is an enthusiastic and skilled real estate investor who has managed and controlled more than 2,000 houses and flats via real estate investing.

The goal of this podcast is to benefit Blue World City listeners and assist them in growing their companies and making money.

3. Larger Pockets

The co-hosts of Bigger Pockets are Rob Absolom and David Greene. They conduct interviews with business owners and real estate investors and share the hard lessons they’ve learned along the road and their triumphs and disappointments with their audience.

You may learn more about investing strategy by listening to the Bigger Pockets Real Estate podcast’s conversations with real estate investors. There are now close to 600 podcasts available, and new episodes are released every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

4.The Roofstock: The Distant Property Investor

This property investing podcast is ideal for you if you want to learn more about the real estate sector, particularly given the interviews with experts in the field.

5. Rental Rookie

They were hearing about someone who started with minimal knowledge of their field and achieved fantastic success is always motivating. With the help of her husband and business partner, Emily Du Plessis of Rental Rookie went from having no experience in the real estate industry to owning several properties.

6. Discussion on Podcast

He began purchasing $35,000 single-family houses and eventually gained control of enormous apartment complexes valued at over $1 billion. Joe completed all of this in about ten years.

Although investing in commercial real estate may sound exciting, you need to know where to seek and who to listen to get the proper training in this industry.

Joe provides education, professional views, and the most recent news in the commercial real estate industry in this podcast. His goal is to assist his listeners in creating a legacy and riches.

7. The Future pf Podcast

In addition, you’ll discover passive real estate investment techniques that you can use. This audio is essential listening if you want to create portfolios that stand the test of time.

8. Rely On Rent

 He promotes the idea that the most extraordinary kind of investment is a high-quality rental home. He gives you the knowledge you need to create your rental portfolio via rental revenue in his rental property podcast.

Kirby will speak with real estate experts who rely on rents to provide first-hand guidance in his weekly programmes. You will be able to learn perspective and typical blunders that you may head off in advance from these investor interviews that you will hear.

9. Epic Property

Author, businessman and real estate investor Matt Theriault explain how you may increase your financial literacy while building wealth and Blue World City Sports Valley  via both unconventional and traditional real estate investment.

10. Consider Realty

This one is one of the best and most amazing podcasts for real estate investment business insights, guidance, and company tactics. Think Realty aims to provide the most recent practical ideas, professional counsel, passive investments, and more. 


The top 10 podcasts for real estate investment are only a sample of what is available. You’ll locate one that best meets your requirements once you start looking. It’s crucial to stay up to speed with market news and trends from a seasoned investor or a host who meets with businesspeople who transact real estate via interviews.

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