The Best Spearfishing Spots To Try Out When You Go To Europe


It might be the difference in coral reefs from north to south, the many shipwrecks all over, or the many different fish species. Europe has a lot to offer if you are looking for places you can spearfish, whether you are a beginner or an expert spearo.

Europe is known for its beautiful landscapes, old architecture, charming cities, and rich history. Still, most tourists are drawn to Europe because of its stunning seascapes.

Because of the underwater beauty that Europe has to offer, it is a popular diving destination. Include these great dive spots on your bucket list if you plan a spearfishing and diving vacation to Europe. Also, remember to shop a range of spearfishing guns from Neptonics.

Ms. Zenobia Wreck Cyprus

MS Zenobia was a huge RO-RO ferry that sank after only one journey. She has been in the vicinity of Larnaca, Cyprus, for over thirty years and is currently lying on her port side at a depth of 42 meters.

If you enjoy wreck diving, this is the most incredible wreckage you will ever see in Cyprus. Both novice and experienced divers will find this dive location challenging. Visit the car deck and look at the numerous stuff that sunk with the ship, such as vehicles, cargo, and other items.

The seafloor depth is 42 meters, while the highest point is 16 meters, with visibility exceeding 40 meters. It is a good spot for all trained divers due to the lack of currents and warm water. Zenobia is an excellent choice for your first wreck dive or spearfishing.

In Cyprus, the marine life in and around the wreck is unrivaled. You will find grouper, barracuda, Tuna, turtle, or triggerfish. The variety of marine life is exceptional, yet it’s all at the exact dive location. Outside the Zenobia, you will also see a variety of species, ranging from enormous Groupers to barracudas and small Damselfish. Tiny Pink Flabellina nudibranchs can also be seen if you look attentively.

Medes Island, Spain

If you’re planning a trip to Spain, don’t forget to stop at the Medes Islands. This is the spot to go if you want to have a pleasant and relaxed scuba dive. This island is one of seven islets in the Mediterranean Sea’s northwest corner. 

The Medes Islands provide a natural and diverse marine environment for visitors. We recommend making arrangements ahead of time if you wish to visit the islands. During the summer, the island draws a huge number of people.

The Medes Islands are a diving paradise for divers from all over the globe who come to see Spain’s most spectacular marine and natural reserve. Octopus, eels, scorpionfish, barracuda, eagle rays, and even dolphins will meet you. The environment of the Medes Islands is well-known and considered one of the greatest natural reserves in the western Mediterranean. It’s appropriate for all levels of divers, from beginners to experts. Among the kelp, you’ll see an abundance of marine life, including lobster and starfish. 

Dive further into the water, and you’ll find a treasure trove of vibrantly colored tiny forests studded with coral and home to 6000 different species of animals. Groupers live in caves and tunnels. These underwater caves intertwine under the Medes Islands and are perfect for professional and expert spearos. At the same time, the Reggio Messina shipwreck, which dates from 1991, is a must-see for wreck divers.

Ascension island

Ascension Island is a dream come true. The deep, clear, blue seas of this remote location are home to several of the world’s current spearfishing records.

This nearly mythical volcanic island, located in the South Atlantic Ocean’s Trade Winds, serves as a haven for migrating pelagic fish between Brazil and Angola. As several species make their way across the Atlantic, they will pause to hunt and rest along the shore of Ascension Island.

The clear waters and the island’s proximity to the equator ensure warm weather all year. Many spearos come here to catch prize-winning fish, and fish of all sizes are in plenty.

This incredible diving area is undoubtedly one of the greatest globally, and any self-proclaimed big game spearo should put it on their bucket list.

Tuna is the most revered gamefish that may be found out there. Massive, strong, magnificent Tuna measuring 250 lb+ may be found throughout the year, with a peak in October.

Kilkee Ireland

Kilkee is a small seaside town in the Irish county of Clare. The undersea world is home to some of the most incredible flora and wildlife and schools of mackerel, wrasse, and other sea creatures. Kilkee is now regarded as Ireland’s top diving spot.

Chalkidiki Greece

Chalkidiki is one of the best spots in the world for spearfishing and also doubles up as an excellent vacation destination for families.

It is near Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city and semi-capital. It takes around an hour to get from Thessaloniki to the first fishing place, whether by vehicle or public transportation. There are additional beautiful sites 2 hours and a half away for individuals who don’t mind traveling greater distances.

Chalkidiki is a three-legged peninsula. The third, Athos, begins with the little town of Ouranoupolis on the west coast and ends with the village of Platy on the opposite shore at Strymonikos Bay, 10 kilometers from the village of Ierissos. The Holy Mountain is located on this leg. However, spearfishing is prohibited by local regulations in that region and Thermaikos Bay in the first leg.

Paliouri is a little village on the first leg’s extreme edge. The seabed there normally slopes gently, but local mountains end up in the sea in certain areas, causing the depth to increase suddenly.

Because of commercial fishing, there are fewer fish there, which is a regular occurrence across the world. 

Yet, depending on the moon phases and weather circumstances, you can discover numerous large species. Groupers, red snappers, golden groupers, white breams, Amberjacks, Bluefish, and other minor species are among the fish you can hunt here.

Remember always to check if licenses are needed to spearfish in any of the destinations you choose.

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