The Complete Guide to Planning a Wedding

Congratulations, finally, it’s your day! Weren’t you waiting so long for this merry moment? It takes to be exhilarated but is it necessary to pass more time by losing weight before the wedding?

We know that’s a lot, but you can compromise a bit with your time and some hassle to complete this blissful occasion.

Hence, this article gives you the complete guide to planning a wedding with 9 expert tips. Let’s dig in to know more!

9 Tips for Planning a Wedding to Make It Extra Special

After your engagement break is over, you can start planning your wedding. Here are 9 tips for you that can help you plan a wedding.

  1. Creating a proper outline

It is very important to have a proper outline of your wedding ceremony. Therefore, start with your top 3 priorities. There are many optional things that you can easily skip.

Secondly, you can figure out your must-have guests or some compulsory family tradition necessary for you to do. Basically, these are some emotional attachments that most people follow.

Finally, it’s time to have a motto! The wedding event is very stressful, so you have to set some motto to spend a stress-free day. You must consult with someone for writing your wedding speech.

  1. Arrange your meeting

A wedding is a huge project to plan; therefore, arranging meetings beforehand with your partner would be best. Also, you might go through many issues while the wedding is on. Some basic issues that arise are the guest list, date, venue, and budget.

You will surely have arguments while deciding, but re-arrange the meeting again the next day. The few hours’ breaks will help you come back with a better decision.

  1. Set up your budget

The next step is to set up a budget, as you need to figure out the amount you can spend. You can also seek help from others to make the event happen.

It is very tough to find out all the wedding costs beforehand, but it’s surely possible to get on an outline. You can reach out to wedding planners for help, as they can provide consultations for free.

  1. Make your guest list

After you finish figuring out your budget, you should move on with making your guest list. It is necessary to jot down everyone that you want at your wedding.

You can always have a long list if you have a bigger budget. Alongside, you need to have a proper current address as people will reply RSVP to your address.

  1. Select your venue

You need to clear out your vision in this part rather than just selecting a venue. So, it’s better to decide whether you want a chill place or a luxurious place to get married.

Most people think about social media pictures instead of enjoying beautiful moments. You can just set up a photo booth to take beautiful pictures in such cases.

  1. Choose your wedding planner

The real question is, “is it necessary to get a wedding planner?” Nowadays, most people hire a wedding planner to stay stress-free. However, it isn’t compulsory to have one.

If you have a reasonable budget, you can hire a wedding planner. On the other hand, you can be a good designer and avoid hiring one. Many people decide to hire a wedding planner to sort everything out at the last moment.

  1. Get your marriage commissioner

You are getting married, which means it’s important to get your marriage commissioner. So, make sure you have someone who can officially announce your couple as married.

  1. Make your wedding website

In recent days, people have preferred the online world for all cases. Therefore, you can choose to make your wedding website for invitations rather than printing cards. On most websites, you will get an option where your guests can save your wedding date. So, they will surely attend your wedding without any issue!

  1. Book your photographer and caterer

You need to book your photographer and caterer a few months before your wedding day. You can procrastinate about your cakes and decorations, but it’s a huge mess when there’s no food at a wedding. Therefore, look at the bigger picture and get these main issues sorted.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, here’s a complete guide to planning a wedding. Whether it’s yours or someone close to your’s big day, these tips could always come in handy.

As it’s a big event, there are high chances of messing up a few things. But the best decision is to step back a little when things get too messed up. Taking a break will surely help you to make better decisions!

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