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tent rental

Is flexibility important to you while hiring a rental party tent? In this case, you should reconsider your decision to rent a reception gazebo for your event. The rental binds you to a contract and conditions determined by the rental company. Although the conditions vary depending on the provider, most are more or less similar. Consider the following aspects:

The rental period

The rental time for reception arbors, especially for large models, must often be longer than three days . Rarely will a provider agree to hire you a professional barnum for a single day. If your birthday party takes place on a Saturday for example, the structure will be delivered to you on Friday and will be collected on Sunday at a specific time.

Delivery times are often imposed by the company. So the tent may need to be taken down soon after your party. In particular, you will need to clean the party tent so that it is ready for the company to pick up on time.

The location of the event

Service providers often deliver their barnums using large vehicles. For a practical question, they therefore ask that the event take place in a place accessible to the truck. However, this may not be what you expected. If the anniversary takes place in a backyard or in an inaccessible garden, the company may refuse you the rental.

In the best-case scenario, if the vehicle cannot access the party venue, the company may request that you come and collect the barnum by car yourself. These unforeseen events must be taken into account before renting the tent.

The size of the marquee

Each supplier will offer marquees of different sizes, often the most typical and requested sizes.

If you need a size that is not in demand for your reception, you may have a hard time finding the barnum you are looking for. If you decide to rent, you will have to adapt to the sizes offered by the rental company, which means taking the models available, an arbor that is too small or paying for a larger barnum.

By purchasing your own party tent from a specialist retailer, you are sure to find the size you need!

Our recommendation

To be sure of the right size for a professional marquee, click here for discussion with our adviser “ What size for my marquee? “ . There you will find out how to calculate the ideal tent size based on the number of guests and the type of party. 

Any additional costs

At first glance, renting a reception barnum seems the easiest and most practical solution. Most suppliers, in addition to the structure, offer for example a wooden or aluminum floor, electric or gas heating, some even go so far as to offer the sound system. They also offer their delivery and assembly services. If the full package looks good, it’s not necessarily the best option. We explain why the complete package is often only advantageous in appearance:

The delivery

Many vendors advertise free shipping to their customers. An appointment is fixed in advance on the place and time of delivery. All you need to do is be at the meeting place, check the barnum and then ride it. It is the same principle for the online purchase of a reception gazebo. However, tent rental companies often set a mileage limit. Beyond a certain distance, you will have additional costs per kilometer to take into account. In general, the cost of the additional kilometer is around 0.70 €. If your event takes place far enough from the business, mileage costs can quickly escalate. Think about the return of the rental arbor!

Assembly and disassembly

The assembly is sometimes included in the rental price, especially when it comes to large reception barnums. Often, providers have a small number of employees, assembly and disassembly can be additional services. The cost of the service is calculated according to the time and the number of people required for the assembly. If you decide to assemble the structure yourself, you are responsible for any damage or damage caused by handling the tubes or the roof tarpaulin. By buying your own barnum, you receive clear and precise assembly instructions, as well as advice from our experts who are always available.


Many suppliers rent the floor corresponding to the reception gazebo. A floor can be very practical, not to mention that it makes the floor cleaner and more aesthetic , for a wedding for example. It also insulates from the cold and humidity of the earth and allows the structure to be more upright, in case of uneven ground. Renting a floor costs around € 4.50 / m², not counting the cost of labor. Did you know that building a floor is not that complicated? Find out many tips on organizing an outdoor wedding in our article “ Organizing an Outdoor Wedding ”.

Other equipment

If you also want to borrow a sound system, electric heating, a stage, or tables and chairs, you will find everything you need at some providers. Renting everything from the same company will save you significant money. In any case, all these services remain optional and their cost is added to the price of the rental of the marquee.

Our recommendation

Buying a wedding marquee can be much simpler: have it delivered directly to your home and ask your family or friends for help with the installation on the big day. Depending on the size, 2 to 6 people are sufficient for the assembly. You do not depend on any rental company constraints and it is more economical. 

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